Sunday, February 2, 2020

Moruya Marauders seems to have come to an end but a Phoenix will rise.

As some know our club moved to Batemans Bay during 2019, fun was had, games played new members even. Alas a rather nasty surprise hit our venue on 31 .12.2019. Yep Custom Hire where we played was clobbered by the fires that continue (Feb 2020) to ravage Australia.

We contemplated a name change and it looks like that will be the case. But we need a new home and wellllllll we sort of lost 15 years of terrain (hard to insure this stuff) and our Custom Hire friend lost thousands of dollars of minis and his gaming paraphernalia along with his business. Truly our thoughts are with him and all the others affected by the ravages of nature.

So we are looking for a new home and are gathering our boxes of unbuilt terrain to rise a new in a splendid new premises.

I shan’t post an image of what remains of our old home it is rather depressing but I will say a huge thanks to Custom Hire for its support along with the Moruya Presbyterian Church for its long years of support.

Here’s to rolling dice, painting figures and having a laugh with friends.


Cyrus said...

Sorry to hear your venue has burnt out Chris, it could happen up here still. All the best with finding a new venue and future games!

chris said...

Thanks sincerely for the reply. Yes it is a loss but I hope that it won't happen to many others as the stress seems to take more toll on my friends and family than the destruction. take care and stay safe Cyrus

Ben said...

We are looking forward to the restart!

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