Friday, April 28, 2017

Bloody April 1917

It was a quiet turn out for the club the other night but on ANZAC day we had the chance to play a game of Wings of Glory. This time Barry wanted to simulate the battle over the trenches in April of 1917. From memory this was the month of greatest loss for British and Allied flyers in WWI in a single month. Barry said it was partly to do with superior German aircraft coming on line and he wanted to see if the games rules could show something similar. So two dodgy Brit recce planes had to fly behind the enemy trenches to see the build up of the German troops, photograph them and fly back. They were protected by two fighters as well. The Germans had 3 new Albatross and all we had to do was stop the recce doing its job. Could we do it?

The Clubs usual flying crew
Yep first shot I take, explosion......hmmm

Too close to shoot but no crash
this has got to hurt
What is going on Recce planes don't shoot down our flyers!

 It was not looking good for the Germans at this stage but I was to return to the countryside  shortly hereafter.

Looking messy with lots of Brits still in the air but soon the tables will turn

Back in the game and my first recce victim falls from the sky

Number 2 is a goner and all we had to do was mop up.

A hugely fun game with great friends what is not to like about that. Thanks to Barry and his mats, planes, counters and general good nature.

I shall leave you with my fellow German pilot that may have just pipped Barry on the number of 0s pulled from the deck.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 2017 club nights for the last couple of months

One of the club guys kindly pointed out that I had failed to update this blog for a little while and thus it is about time to do so. Well we still continue, and new games and old have been played. X-Wing and 40K have been in evidence along with Wings of Glory and Magic the Gathering, these of course are the older games that we play. But Armada has taken it toll and we have given this a go too. So Picture show is needed to keep the audience of 2 happy.
2 games of 40k with the guys on the right of the image both winning I believe.

How to teach x-wing to all and sundry, if you note the odd micro machines import it is because when you get 12 plus players wanting to learn and your own collection is somewhat smaller than this then you have to improvise.

More X-Wing and I am bewildered by the green planet near the asteroid.

More guys playing and teaching
Aleph model by Brendan our resident painter, I must get a second job and pay this man to be my slave to paint

More Aleph on the way, again by Brendan.