Saturday, March 29, 2014

Reaper Bones and Wolf Guard

Well my son has painted and based his wolf Guard in terminator Armour. In the time he has taken to paint this one mini, I have painted 2 units of 40k miniatures and some 15mm. Yet is it Quantity has a Quality of its Own to quote a famous megalomaniac or is it really Quality vs Quantity. I have to admit that I prefer my sons miniature and there is no way I am ever going to win a painting competition.

On with the show.

Photo does not do justice to it.

No decals all hand painted.

I wonder if I can get him to do mine.......

The one at the back left is the new model.

Only 2 more to go for him, for the unit.
An item or two I have been working on.
Reaper Bones Civilians,
 mould lines are hard to remove without damage to the minis.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A tale of two "gamers, painters"?

My sons and I had decided 3 years ago to re-enact the tale of four gamers from White Dwarf fame. That is to paint a set number of points  in a certain period of time. Well it failed miserably because I am slack and let other things get in the way. My eldest was off to University and my youngest and I decided to rekindle the efforts in a "tale of two painters and maybe gamers if we get the chance." Following on from the Analogue Hobbies blog and the winter painting challenge we thought what a good idea. So a modest goal of 500 points of Warhammer 40k or Fantasy Battles miniatures over three months would be fun.
I have elected to get them onto the table and not bother with the hard core beautiful paint jobs of the past. Here is the first unit a small devastator squad of 2 lascanons and 2 plasma canons with Sgt holding a power weapon, to the tune of 215 points or so.

In the mean time my son has done a Space Wolf, Wolf Guard, to the highest standard. Photo in the next blog when he bases it. I take pride in seeing his work but he is so far above me it makes me cry. ; )
Some thing else I am working on is some Celts bought years ago. Army Painter spray, base colours and a flesh wash. Simple and effective if you don't look close, or take photos of them, woops.
Thanks for looking.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

2 days of Saga, 2 days of apocalypse what's not to like

We have had the pleasure of 2 Blue Moon months at the club so far this year. Basically a second Friday night rolls over into the third Saturday and the Church kindly allows us to leave stuff set up overnight. Last month we had a huge fantasy and smaller 40K game. This month was time for the 40K players to bring the bigger toys out.

We use a bit of club money from the sale of cheap drinks and chips to pay for nibbles and lunch so I chose not to play in the big game but I did get to play Saga on Friday night as ½ of the Viking team and then again played on Saturday to introduce it to 2 newer club members. I also got to show a lad a cut down version of Warhammer Fantasy for 40 minutes in a small skirmish. He won so needless to say loved the game.


On with the show.



An old hand and new player at blood bowl, who is who?

MTG guys Friday

 Anglo Saxons vs Vikings

6500 points a side in 40K mayhem

Lots of toys on Friday night

Two lots of Fallen Angels allied with the orks.

Anglo Saxon hearth guard near the mead hall.
One of my favourite units, ork looters, so many dice are thrown but typically orky fashion they can't hit the barn door.

Must be early in the night as there are still smiles.

Saxons held off by terrain.

The Cocked dice, yep just sat there on open terrain.
Warlord in trouble
And bounces the Hearth guard. Please note the two men in the back ground. I really like the lack of morale in Saga, as in it is up to you to realise that if you don not remove your single miniature that remains from a unit out of harms way you are going to be down one saga dice.
Clash of Warlords and the Vikings Win woo hoo.

Day 2 Vikings vs Anglo Saxons again, this time I did not play.



Slowly the armies are whittled away.

Barry attempting to use the measuring stick as a pool cue.

A much closer game with the Vikings losing this time.

Indulging a young lad, he thought this might look good.
He was correct.
Well enough for know. I hope to get a game of Kings of War in next Friday the 28th of March. So hope to see the club members there.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Friday Night Games Night Late Feb

A nice night usual crowd with 2 new chaps and one olddddddd game, blood bowl has a great following globally but I have not played it for oh..............20 years. On with the pics.

40K necrons lose oh well

Blood Bowl and a league will start.

Usual MTG crew

1 of 2 Malifaux games

A odd sort of card game based on slasher flix of the 1980s

Wings of Glory bomber run 1/2 way through
At the begining

Nice use of clouds