Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How to get whooped in SAGA

A friend came around for a quick game of SAGA as he was on holidays and we could get the game in during the week. He played snow Irish and I was the slightly more colourful Normans. This was the second outing for the Knights of Normandy and their followers so I will not claim expertise in their use. But needless to say around 3 turns into the baggage train scenario and it looked like I was doomed. Yet as is often the case a surviving knight hunted down Irish stragglers and the game started to even up. But when my hero of the hour finally succumbed it was all over. Regardless it was a great game.

On with the show.
The table at the beginning
My left flank beginning
Right flank beginning
Snow Irish enemy right
Snow Irish enemy left (very fair these Irish)

Heading into the Irish full of confidence only to be shot to bits by javelins then charged.

After 3 turns the baggage is looking like it is in trouble.
Something similar happened here. Knights gone, spear about to be ambushed from the trees.

Oh well sheep can fight back too I hope.

So at the end of the game my force is looking pretty nice off table.
The nicest highlight was both leaders knocking each others heads off by the end of turn 3 clever.
Well I am looking forward to Friday night at the club as I will get to try out Green Jackets a free card driven skirmish game for Napoleonic battles and I hope to run my recently painted Austrians.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Four little Russian houses, off to the Steppes we go.

These are old JR miniatures houses that I picked up some time ago and at last put a lick of paint on. If I have Panzers to race over the steppes it is time for some scenery items to make the plains look habitable. I like full resin buildings for the robust nature but I still like to be able to put the miniatures inside as well. This wont work for these lovely models. 15mm Russians for scale and a little colour.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Battlgroup Barbarossa Germans

Well October was tanktober for the Dux and he put together an outstanding example of pure Russian canon fodder in the form of T-26s by the bucket load see so this is my attempt for tanktober. Yes I know that it is over but I am usually the last to the party.

These are a mix of Zvezda 1/100 kits and PSC 15mm kits. I have to admit that I love the PSC models as the level of detail reminds me of my Airfix days and playing WRG rules back in the mid 1980s on a mates Ping Pong table. Zvezda are rather good for wargaming as they are remarkably cheap but I do note that stocks of the T 26 tanks are all gone........globally.

Some of these have been posted before but it is nice to get them in one place.

38 T by Zvezda

Pz IIIs Fs and Gs mainly from PSC

Pz IIC from Zvezda

Pz IVD from Zvezda

The Company
Perchance that the opportunity arrives that the Dux's Russians get to snot the life out of these Panzers.