Thursday, October 18, 2007

An afternoon at Colski's

A Good afternoons gaming was had at Colski's with John's Italian's (desert war) up against Col's Russian's. It was a street fight on Stalingrad terrain and boy was it a slog. Movement up one flank and through the centre ground to a halt and all the work was for the infantry and sewer rats to take out the objectives. As I left Col was just starting to inch away and won when I last spoke! Rules are Flames of War from NewZealand and have rekindeled my interest in WWII. I am putting together a Desert Rats army to go up against John so we will see. The images are of the Russian antitank, this lost its transport but due to gunshields survived well. The other image is of the whole board. Col made it from MDF, with sand painted black then grey. Buildings are maily J&R that are really quite good for the price. Well enough for now enjoy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today we have an image of Khalida, one of my favourite GW miniatures. My Photography is not much chop but at least it gives you an idea of what the miniature is like. Oh it is painted by me, Chris. It took a while around 3+ hours to do from a white undercoat. I normally paint with a black undercoat but feel that some miniatures come up better with white as the base.

As for the ACW DBA they are almost finished both a Union and Confederate army done to a nice level, just a little more detail on the bases and then photo time.

Saturday the 15th saw around 12 kids at the club, gaming Warhammer (orcs vs dwarves, victory to the little guys) and a LOTR game with winners on the side of evil! Finally two combined games of 40K with Tau/Marines/Orks and Eldar facing off over mixed terrain. Tau seemed to come up trumps both times, well done Tau.

The club meets next on Wednesday the 26th of September at the Presbyterian Church Hall, Moruya at 7.00pm. Games on offer are FOW, 40K and possibly Warhammer. I might even have the DBA ACW on display, hoping to catch a potential gamer or two!

Well enough for now keep those dice warm!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Giving DBA a bit of a run and making both sides of an alternative DBA-ACW game to rope in an older GW 40k player. Lets see how it all goes.

Monday, September 17, 2007


This is the first post of the Moruya Marauders blog. Short and sweet this time just to get it up and running hopefully it will fill with all the news and happenings for our small group of dedicated miniature wargamers.

We set up a small display at the Tuross model boat expo but were unable to attend in person due to ill health. The expo looked great and was well attended. Well boys and their toys! Heh.

Just a taste of images to come. Some of Colski's command.