Sunday, July 29, 2012

Well unfortunately I could not make the whole night so instead took a couple of photos of the build up and table set up including an image of some of the new items from the terrain making day on the desert map. Got to play soon getting the shakes not gaming, hmmm, got the shakes shaking dice ouch.

One decent side effect of terrain making days is that you get to inspire others, have a look at this dwarf Blimp made by one of the lads with bits gleened from the day.

The magic lads at it again.

Malifaux Table using the Necromunda terrain from one of the chaps.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Terrain Day on the Saturday

Well Baz sent the emails off and the notice went to all on the club night. Yet only 7 lads and 3 assistants turned up. Mind you fun was had by all and most walked away with a piece or two and the club ended up with a bunch of half completed pieces of forest and stepped hills that I'll work on this week.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When your kids and mates do minis.

As a seasoned veteran I have roped my sons into games as well. They play most of what I play, paint better than me and the oldest even wrote and published his own set of rules. You can see below celts painted by my good friend Colin and mounted on my sons movement trays for use at CanCon 2012 where he showed off his game to all comers.

Next up are my Caesarian Romans. Again for the use at CanCon on my sons movement trays. Fun was had by all with the Romans coming out on top occasionally but with a good general and some nice dice rolling the Celts won a few times too. His rules, called Resilence, play rather fastand furious with this number of miniatures per side playing out on a 6 foot by 4 foot table in around 1-1.5 hours. Nice for club nights and this is where the rules received the heaviest play tests.

Finally a nice minaitures from Maelstrom in the UK. One of their BaneBeasts, a Skaven like giant rat monster of huge proportions. The club has lots of gamers and some love to game more than model and paint so it falls to others to help paint the miniatures for the table. Enter my sons paint job, for a price of course, not too much not too little. Now if only I could get the whole family painting minaitures for me, ah heaven.

Lets see if I can get some of the Plastic Soldier Company minis up and on the table soon, I feel a Flames of War game coming.

Oh next meeting on the Saturday is terrain making, lots of foam, flock and glue, time to get something other than toy soldiers painted up.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

July Friday night meet

Well we had 15 turn up to the usual club night. Two played 40K 5th edition (no one owns the new rules yet) 6 played FOW, more as an introduction to the game for 4 of them. Two of us are seasoned veterans of FOW and a swag of the lads played Magic or just chatted! Which at times is one and the same thing.

PZIV vs Cromwells
I do hope to see FOW take off in the club. Some of the lads are keen and see it as a cheap alternative to the usual GW fare. Personally I am of the opinion it is a cheaper and better game than 40K and the latest edition of Warhammer. But then I am biased as I prefer history!
The Russian Horde of tanks vs the Germans
Sisters Vs Chaos marines, the sisters won but only just.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Winter Con

Well my trip with Barry to Winter Con in Canberra a couple of weeks ago was a success. More lead and Resin to paint or store on the shelf. Did not selll my second hand stuff at the bring and buy but had a good couple of trial games of Hordes, Warmachine and Infinity. I also had a chance to leap in with Barry and Zoe for the obilgatory WoW or Wings of Glory game. This of course saw me shot down as per usual, actually the vile enemy flew into me and knocked me from the sky, typical.

The unusual highlight was winning the Warmachine Box set after the show. Now that was a stoke of luck as it were. What is real nice is that our club is looking at skirmish games and with the lads wanting 1-2 shorter games per night we might be able to play this! Thanks to the guys from Wintercon the prize is great and hopefully the club will give it a go! I have to admit I did like the system myself!