Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Painting as therapy, tanks, rpg characters and reaper bones.

Lately work has been rather busy and all consuming. Probably just me but that is how it seems to occur at times. So when I feel a little out of sorts I pull out the brush look to my incomplete projects and glue and paint until the jaded eyes brighten.

I went to a model expo a few weeks back and bought a couple of boxes of 1/72 tanks from The Plastic Soldier Company and Armourfast. I really like PSC tanks as they go together fast have buckets of detail and paint up nicely. 15mm is the usual size but with old time inspiration gripping me due to the expo the 1/72 stuff has given me a new impetus. Armourfast was a new player for me. Again nice quick builds with enough detail, not as much as the PSC tanks but enough. I think I would like to try a few more, possibly their Achilles tank destroyer.

So a look at the latest off the production line.
PSC M5 Stuarts in British service for Battlegroup Overlord

Armourfast M10 tank destroyers again I hope to use them in games of Battlegroup, or even Chain of Command.

Panzer IIIgs from PSC, these were free when you preordered one of the Battlegroup books from the Plastic Soldier Company. Yep 2 books 2 models. Nice I hope to pick up some T26 Russian tanks for a little bit of Barbarossa madness. Hence the dusty tracks and road wheels.

My family has played a number of RPGs for a while now and I have a collection of minis that date back 35 years most of these are much more recent but still fun to paint. I hope for a game this Sunday with the family.

Reaper bones bugbears, what great minis. These will make a nice force for Open Combat skirmish rules.

Reaper Bones Gnolls.

Hobbit leader by?????Maybe grenadier?

Love the horse/pony

Mantic Dwarves, as you build them they sort of don't have the character you see in other ranges but when the acrylic flows over them they really come  to life. Actually really like them now.

This is from a new range of pre undercoated miniatures for the pathfinder rpg. They come in a pack of two for a mere $7.00 Australian. Considering that I can get historical ranges in metal for $2-$3 each they are rather good value as many fantasy miniatures are a lot more expensive.

Female short warrior maybe RalPartha, a GW Hobbit and a Reaper metal Cult Leader, soon to be my main nemesis in the upcoming RPG.

Some villagers, mainly Reaper Bones but also a rather lovely fryer from Eureka Miniatures. He will make a Fryer Tuck for a bunch of Robin hood types I have also picked up of late.

Rather pleased with the output but want to spend more time licking brushes rather than reading other blogs but there is so much inspiration online.