Saturday, January 31, 2015

CanCon 2015 not really a report

Well over the Australia day long weekend I zoomed off to Canberra for the annual pilgrimage. This time though I decided to do some painting and modelling classes rather than a competition or a demo game. I don’t know why I just did not get inspired by anything on offer and that is no slur on the brilliant games on offer.

Infinity table pro built

Sword and Shield a new game that I am keen to see played

Infinity table

Infinity table again

Infinity table what can be done with the insides of an aluminium case

Infinity table

Infinity table and aquarium plants

Infinity table

One of the new mats....expensive $90.00 or so?? for Infinity
I ended up doing a fantasy tower build with Owen Top of Terrain for Hippos fame, nice chap, great terrain and I even picked up a genuine Hippo Topiary from his previous terrain classes. I’ll show this one off when I have it on a board with minis.
Owen's tower, mine is a mere shadow but I was happy.
Tried to learn how to paint faces with Meg Maples, great teacher dodgy student but with everything it takes effort.
Meg's work on faces

More of Meg's work not mine.............I wonder why I don't show my efforts?
I also did some speed painting tutorials with Luke from The Sound of Machines miniature painting service and Steve King from????? Tank weathering and Zenithal highlighting and using either oil wash shades or glaze/wash painting techniques were excellent ways to get good looking minis on the table in a more reasonable time period than what I am used to doing so much to be emulated here.
Luke's early effort
The technique pushed further
More gunk than you can poke a stick at

Lots of track gunk, but you should have seen the final product a day or so later wow. Now I have to do this for my 15mm tanks.
Lots to buy at CanCon but I did not go berserk, but I did pick up an assortment of Infinity second hand, the new Perry Agincourt boxed set and a nice Arnhem bridge from Eureka minis.
Had a great time and will be back next year. What to play what to paint what to do???
Nice skink from the painting competition

I only dream of this standard

These successor really caught my eye
Speed painting Competition with a twist

Sunday, January 18, 2015

First Post for the new year ECW Cuirassiers

Well we have had two meetings at the club with X-wing and Warhammer Fantasy being played with much merriment using x-wing and watching the Rebels win 3 out of 4 games. Got to send Darth Vader in methinks.

My usual January is spent painting as I chill out before the new school year starts and to build up a little painted stuff to sell at CanCon, the big annual pilgrimage I undertake each year. With fantastic paint jobs from China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Thailand my days of making a little money on commission painting are over so instead I just find old mini projects I am unlikely to do and paint a couple of units to sell at the second hand stall. So behold Warlord Games ECW Cuirassiers.
I am now looking forward to CanCon and this year instead of participation games I am spending my limited budget on doing a few painting classes and even a terrain building class with Owen from Terrain For Hippos fame. Lets hope I get a little time to take a few snap shots.