Sunday, January 18, 2015

First Post for the new year ECW Cuirassiers

Well we have had two meetings at the club with X-wing and Warhammer Fantasy being played with much merriment using x-wing and watching the Rebels win 3 out of 4 games. Got to send Darth Vader in methinks.

My usual January is spent painting as I chill out before the new school year starts and to build up a little painted stuff to sell at CanCon, the big annual pilgrimage I undertake each year. With fantastic paint jobs from China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Thailand my days of making a little money on commission painting are over so instead I just find old mini projects I am unlikely to do and paint a couple of units to sell at the second hand stall. So behold Warlord Games ECW Cuirassiers.
I am now looking forward to CanCon and this year instead of participation games I am spending my limited budget on doing a few painting classes and even a terrain building class with Owen from Terrain For Hippos fame. Lets hope I get a little time to take a few snap shots.

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