Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tuesday Night at the Club

Well the timing was a bit better this time and everyone remembered what the date was! So we had a good turn up. Lots of lads playing Magic the Gathering the card game, plenty playing the obligatory Wings Of Glory using Barry's big Strakken, a fine 40K game with Nids vs Marines and I got to play Infinity for the first time in probably 3 months...........

Show time
MTG lads


Really close game and could not tell you who won but then that's what a close game is all about.

WW1 Wings Of Glory

How many pilots, 6 yep you can fly this many on one table and have a great game.

Strakken down but she still hit the target German High Command was very happy, the pilot much less so.

So many planes on fire

More of them on fire

Infinity table with soooo much terrain. 10 miniatures aside they said, cheap game they said, oh but you need around a millions dollars in terrain, nobody said that!!

Giving away the secrets prior to deployment

Scariest moment in the game. The large Mecha thing is my TAG, it has become possessed by the other side's hacker and is now torching my Lieutenant. It took me almost all of my orders in the second turn to get control of the TAG back.

As you can see I now have a wounded leader. I ended up winning but for a bit then I was very very concerned.

Infinity is often fast enough to have another game and thus my opponent was happy to accept another players thrown down gauntlet.

Nomads on the roof, Ninjas hiding and chucking smoke.

The board is really getting there just a lick of paint in the right area, and the rest of the terrain is fantastic.

If you eve need minis painted to a high standard drop us a line on this blog and I can put you in touch with our clubs premier painter who does such an excellent job for all of us and others located in Canberra and across the state. Prices are great too.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

A blast from the past, well at least thats what happened to my ships!

Games night saw a smaller turn out due to poor weather. Even so 3 of us had the chance to play the old Man O War game by GW. It had been so long that, well, we forgot the rules and that is why my ships were blasted out of the water and I am sticking to that story.

I remembered I really liked the game (probably because I did not get blasted last time) and loved my Bretonian Fleet. I have been after a couple more Corsairs and Buccaneers for some time now but the eBay prices are exceptionally high for a couple of "6mm" models. Even so one day I will find the last Corsair I need.

Other games were 40K and a Pacific WWII Wings of Glory game.

Image time.
My Fleet in all its Glory

Closer to the Water, please note that Giant Squid was not part of my fleet.

The Chaos Dwarf fleet (boo hiss) most delightfully hand made.

Random sea monsters.

The Chaos Fleet (boo boo hiss)

40K still being played at the club after how many years?

WWII gotta love google earth and a print shop

Kityhawks Aussie style

Zeros, yep Japanese style.

They went to a watery grave far faster than I was expecting.

The two squadrons of Corsairs on the RHS were about to come seriously unstuck.

Pondering how to not lose.

Yep even the Galleon went down with all hands. I don't even think that my Pegasus knights had time to fly away. By the end I had 2 ships that could limp off the rest as they say were at the bottom of the ocean forming a lovely artificial reef system.