Sunday, June 26, 2016

A blast from the past, well at least thats what happened to my ships!

Games night saw a smaller turn out due to poor weather. Even so 3 of us had the chance to play the old Man O War game by GW. It had been so long that, well, we forgot the rules and that is why my ships were blasted out of the water and I am sticking to that story.

I remembered I really liked the game (probably because I did not get blasted last time) and loved my Bretonian Fleet. I have been after a couple more Corsairs and Buccaneers for some time now but the eBay prices are exceptionally high for a couple of "6mm" models. Even so one day I will find the last Corsair I need.

Other games were 40K and a Pacific WWII Wings of Glory game.

Image time.
My Fleet in all its Glory

Closer to the Water, please note that Giant Squid was not part of my fleet.

The Chaos Dwarf fleet (boo hiss) most delightfully hand made.

Random sea monsters.

The Chaos Fleet (boo boo hiss)

40K still being played at the club after how many years?

WWII gotta love google earth and a print shop

Kityhawks Aussie style

Zeros, yep Japanese style.

They went to a watery grave far faster than I was expecting.

The two squadrons of Corsairs on the RHS were about to come seriously unstuck.

Pondering how to not lose.

Yep even the Galleon went down with all hands. I don't even think that my Pegasus knights had time to fly away. By the end I had 2 ships that could limp off the rest as they say were at the bottom of the ocean forming a lovely artificial reef system.

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