Sunday, May 29, 2016

End of May X-Wing, Green Jackets, the Battle of Britain and some new scenics

Well just a quick post to finish up the month of May. Club turn out was nice.

More Battle of Britain fun

Looks like the Heinkel falls!

Green Jackets with a rather nice turn sequence based on cards. No the riflemen are actually prone not dead.

Deep in thought, "I wonder what is in that building and can I shoot them through the wall with my canon?"

Check out the canon template for canister, ouch.

Bavarian canon about to make an entrance

"Hit the cylindrical space station with all you've got."

New scenics for my tables, 3 mdf buildings, some scourer hedges and cobblestone roads from embossed paper glued to cork packing material.

different angle

New Idea for me, solo 6mm WWII.............hmm

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