Sunday, October 28, 2012

End of October meeting

Well this one was a little different. Baz wanted to run a Tanksgiving night. similar to what happens in the USA. You run all your tanks on two teams and it is just one big shoot 'em up. The only added rule is simultaneous shooting. So if your vehicle gets snotted at least you get a shot or two off. suposed highlight was the Necron Pylon shooting and killing the Shadowsword, you have to love it when you keep rolling 6s when hitting super heavies. the other highlight is an Eldar Falcon getting hit so many times and loosing just about everything but not blowing up. it survived the game with its shiruken cannon removing a space marine landspeeder.

The magic lads and lass!
Tanksgiving again

I had the chance to run my old Bretonnians against the Beloved of Chaos in the form of Andrew's warriors of chaos army. Well under 8th editions I did not hold my breath particularly when andrew brings out two 15 strong chosen units, ouch. That said a masterful bit of dice rolling in the magic phase and Andrew promptly snots a whole unit of his Chosen with the irressistable force and miscast. This left two big units of knights to run down his last chosen unit. Yes I did take the cheesy way out and not hit the chaos chosen and his lord (that you can see in the photo) his lord would have really hurt my knights. This left around 4 chaos marauder horsemen and his lord standing. Victory to Bretonnia! Mind you my Pegasus knights, Trebuchet and a unit of Bowmen died a horrible death.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Force on Force

The recent foray to MOAB left me with the need to give Force on Force a proper run, well that and Saga as well. Dark ages ticked and now onto the modern warfare section. This is a little post of the insurgents that now grace my table, just got to con someone into gaming it with me.
Minis by Peter Pig I think, available from Micks Metal Models, resin house from Mick as well, card houses downloaded off the net and the trees were from a chap called Dave Brown, he does some nice if somwhat odd 15mm fantasy HOTT stuff, his busines is known as Evil Gong miniatures. Note minis not totally finished but usable. Usable almost equates with finished in my book. Not as nice as Brendans insurgents but much smaller.

October 12 Somewhere in Moruya

Club night, great turn out 4 Roleplayers, 4 Wings of War, 5 Malifaux, 2 40k, 2 Saga, 6 Magic the Gathering, total 23 this is just fantastic considering it was just a normal night. Well the games seemed to go well and it all ended by 11pm.

One of our best painters turned up with his lady and showed off the latest and greatest that they had been working on. Commission work for him was on display, Flames of War stuff and some great insurgents and US Marines from Eureka Miniatures and some nice Tyrannids for her. Sometimes it is rather humbling to see a new painter enter the scene and paint better than you. But then again this is happening all too often for me so I am just going to have to get used to it. I hope they both keep up the good work. If you need commission painting done I am sure we can help put you with the right painter.

This was a nice blast from the past, those of you that were tuned to White Dwarf oh around 20+ years ago when it was a Roleplaying and Miniature Gaming magazine might just remember this one…… sorry it is not up for sale the owner is quite happy with his purchase. No it is not me, mores the pity.

Well this is my first Saga game post MOAB and it was a nice tight victory to my Anglo Danes. I was trying to introduce it to a new player. Normally I play a little softer with the Noobs but as this was virtually my first run with the Anglo-Danes I let him have it. Only to find my opponent was well up to the challenge. Just remember this one; when you put all your eggs in one basket Fatigue counters can stop your maxed out charge by taking your medium move and making it short, ho hum dum dum! Don’t mind the lava field mat, the Malifaux players nicked the green mats first.
Viewing the Battleboard with intense interest.
Da Magic Ladz at it again.
The Gotha did not make it in this game.
The 40K game Space Wolves and Nids, victory to the Nids, just.
Malifaux and .....softdrink, hmm wonder if we can get sponsorship?
Well enough for now. What with Saga and Force on Force taking my personal interests I might show off some of my latest paint jobs next time.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saga I

Got home from MOAB, played the nap game so time for Saga, this is the first trial run with the  lads and fun had by all. 3 points only, Breton vs Anglo Saxon note not all minis painted but we will fix this shortly. Game was over in around 45mins -1 hour with the odd rule check and read. Hmm like it, like it a lot.

Cake and Saga Saxon Style
Cake and Saga Breton Style
Breton Hearthguard run forward, throw javelins and run back, they generate a bit of fatigue this way but it does work.

The Saxon horde rushes forward, do run your Saxons as 10+ strong this also seems to work. Note the single Breton soldier with his fatigue dice beside him. Moral in saga is all about keeping your last men alive by getting them out of hte fight. They still generate Saga dice.
Battle over with the Breton warlord killed by Saxon hearthguard. I put it down to the unpainted minis.

Bigger game of Napoleonics

An old comrade has returned to Batemans Bay from Canberra and games Napoleonics and Micro armour and a little bit of Battletech so he invited Phil and me over for a game. Phil and I played the French and Bavarians respectivley and Peter the Russians. His rules take many of the best bits from numerous sets and thus were a little new to me. Lots of tables and charts but it still flowed well. The beauty of Peter's place is theat he can leave the set up for a while. So hopefully we get back to it in a couple of weeks. More games lately than I could have dreamt about.
Phils French aim to caputre the small town in the centre. The Russians stoically defend the walls. Note the big unit of horse in the left rear of the Russian line. Phil struggled to motive his cavalry wing, dodgy dice rolls and to far from the CiC.

My Bavarians (Peters miniatures) at the back of the photo with his Russians in front. Nasty damage done to my forces as I went into skirmish formation. My lines will come up soon though!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Yes the lads and I went ot MOAB in Sylvania Southern Sydney to join in with the demonstration games and hopefully sell some of the painted miniatures I have accumulated over the year. Well lets get the last thing out of the way first. Hmmmmmm, it would seem that selling painted minis at MOAB is not hugely successful unless a) they are very very well painted and cheap or b) really really cheap. Yes you can see the dilemma. Cheap. I actually thougt that my minis were cheap enough. Fully painted and based FOW fallschirmjagers at around $2.00 each. $3.00 each for 28 mm plastic Hoplites and Cavalry, oh well maybe try the small units again rather than small armies. That being said the 15mm Byzantine DBA army went and some of Eurkea minis lovely Conquistadors sold as well.
Enough of the complaining. On with the fun. Minis and bases and bitz to buy!!!! Second hand stall was good if not exceptional and the range of minis from all traders was too good to be true. More plastic boxed sets from War and Peace games than you can poke a stick at and lovely metals from Eureka, Combat Company, Essex miniatures, Micks Metal Models, Aetherworks and Olympian games. Spent too much, usually do.

Well the games across all the rooms looked good, seemed to be less FOG, less FOW, a lot less WHFB and 40K more Blood bowl, infinity and warmachine and joy of joy MORE participation games.

I went up for SAGA and Tomorrows war. Saga is a dark age skirmish with 30-40 minis a side and was a lot of fun. Thanks to Richard on the Saturday and Grant? and crew on the Sunday. I have the Rules and minis at home and will give a quick post on the lads attempts next. The lass and chap playing above was taken on the Sunday after my game and every time it seems to leave the gamers with a smile on their face. I will introdcue this to the club!
The board above is for the Force on Force participation game that my sons and I played on. Though not Tomorrows War it uses the same mechanisms and thus gave us all a proper introduction to this game too. I actually really like the reactive system and have started to paint some 15mm moderns for Force on Force. We hope to play some more of Tomorrows War at the club as a change from 40K. Just got to convince people to use their own minis and not have to buy any more.
Other Participation games a Napoleonic one that I did not get a photo of pity and Space Hulk styled game and a dungeon bash plus these.................

Command and Colours Battel of Hydaspses
Cowboy game
Unfortunatley I did not get to game the Bolt Action demo, I looked in for around 15mins but really did not want to get stuck in 28mm WWII yet. I have the minis and the tanks but need to paint them before introducing to the club. Mind you it also looked like a good system.
Some more MOAB pics


40K orks as Deathwing coooooool
Dark eldar bikes as Eldar?
Super dipped Lizardman Cavalry also cool, I am starting to like superdipped minis!

Well enough for now. Have fun.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

DBA in 28mm

Well at the last club night in September I was able to get the historical miniatures out and on the table. DBA in 28mm, Greek Hoplite army vs the Galatians. My Celts stepped in and a scythed chariot that is none other than a wolf chariot with Celt crewman and scyths, sort of loved the look of it when I bought it and I don't have the heart to get rid of the wolves!

So now the images.
This shows the forces as they come closer together after around two turns of movement.

The Galations Sans chariots

Just about the final blow with a flank wrap on the chariot with the Greek Spear. Greeks won 4-1 elements. I still love DBA for the simplicity and speed of the games yet in 28mm the look is still wonderful so long as your miniatures are painted. often mine are not.

Next up will be a quick chat about MOAB and the demos games.