Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saga I

Got home from MOAB, played the nap game so time for Saga, this is the first trial run with the  lads and fun had by all. 3 points only, Breton vs Anglo Saxon note not all minis painted but we will fix this shortly. Game was over in around 45mins -1 hour with the odd rule check and read. Hmm like it, like it a lot.

Cake and Saga Saxon Style
Cake and Saga Breton Style
Breton Hearthguard run forward, throw javelins and run back, they generate a bit of fatigue this way but it does work.

The Saxon horde rushes forward, do run your Saxons as 10+ strong this also seems to work. Note the single Breton soldier with his fatigue dice beside him. Moral in saga is all about keeping your last men alive by getting them out of hte fight. They still generate Saga dice.
Battle over with the Breton warlord killed by Saxon hearthguard. I put it down to the unpainted minis.

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