Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bigger game of Napoleonics

An old comrade has returned to Batemans Bay from Canberra and games Napoleonics and Micro armour and a little bit of Battletech so he invited Phil and me over for a game. Phil and I played the French and Bavarians respectivley and Peter the Russians. His rules take many of the best bits from numerous sets and thus were a little new to me. Lots of tables and charts but it still flowed well. The beauty of Peter's place is theat he can leave the set up for a while. So hopefully we get back to it in a couple of weeks. More games lately than I could have dreamt about.
Phils French aim to caputre the small town in the centre. The Russians stoically defend the walls. Note the big unit of horse in the left rear of the Russian line. Phil struggled to motive his cavalry wing, dodgy dice rolls and to far from the CiC.

My Bavarians (Peters miniatures) at the back of the photo with his Russians in front. Nasty damage done to my forces as I went into skirmish formation. My lines will come up soon though!

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