Sunday, October 28, 2012

End of October meeting

Well this one was a little different. Baz wanted to run a Tanksgiving night. similar to what happens in the USA. You run all your tanks on two teams and it is just one big shoot 'em up. The only added rule is simultaneous shooting. So if your vehicle gets snotted at least you get a shot or two off. suposed highlight was the Necron Pylon shooting and killing the Shadowsword, you have to love it when you keep rolling 6s when hitting super heavies. the other highlight is an Eldar Falcon getting hit so many times and loosing just about everything but not blowing up. it survived the game with its shiruken cannon removing a space marine landspeeder.

The magic lads and lass!
Tanksgiving again

I had the chance to run my old Bretonnians against the Beloved of Chaos in the form of Andrew's warriors of chaos army. Well under 8th editions I did not hold my breath particularly when andrew brings out two 15 strong chosen units, ouch. That said a masterful bit of dice rolling in the magic phase and Andrew promptly snots a whole unit of his Chosen with the irressistable force and miscast. This left two big units of knights to run down his last chosen unit. Yes I did take the cheesy way out and not hit the chaos chosen and his lord (that you can see in the photo) his lord would have really hurt my knights. This left around 4 chaos marauder horsemen and his lord standing. Victory to Bretonnia! Mind you my Pegasus knights, Trebuchet and a unit of Bowmen died a horrible death.

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