Monday, October 8, 2012


Yes the lads and I went ot MOAB in Sylvania Southern Sydney to join in with the demonstration games and hopefully sell some of the painted miniatures I have accumulated over the year. Well lets get the last thing out of the way first. Hmmmmmm, it would seem that selling painted minis at MOAB is not hugely successful unless a) they are very very well painted and cheap or b) really really cheap. Yes you can see the dilemma. Cheap. I actually thougt that my minis were cheap enough. Fully painted and based FOW fallschirmjagers at around $2.00 each. $3.00 each for 28 mm plastic Hoplites and Cavalry, oh well maybe try the small units again rather than small armies. That being said the 15mm Byzantine DBA army went and some of Eurkea minis lovely Conquistadors sold as well.
Enough of the complaining. On with the fun. Minis and bases and bitz to buy!!!! Second hand stall was good if not exceptional and the range of minis from all traders was too good to be true. More plastic boxed sets from War and Peace games than you can poke a stick at and lovely metals from Eureka, Combat Company, Essex miniatures, Micks Metal Models, Aetherworks and Olympian games. Spent too much, usually do.

Well the games across all the rooms looked good, seemed to be less FOG, less FOW, a lot less WHFB and 40K more Blood bowl, infinity and warmachine and joy of joy MORE participation games.

I went up for SAGA and Tomorrows war. Saga is a dark age skirmish with 30-40 minis a side and was a lot of fun. Thanks to Richard on the Saturday and Grant? and crew on the Sunday. I have the Rules and minis at home and will give a quick post on the lads attempts next. The lass and chap playing above was taken on the Sunday after my game and every time it seems to leave the gamers with a smile on their face. I will introdcue this to the club!
The board above is for the Force on Force participation game that my sons and I played on. Though not Tomorrows War it uses the same mechanisms and thus gave us all a proper introduction to this game too. I actually really like the reactive system and have started to paint some 15mm moderns for Force on Force. We hope to play some more of Tomorrows War at the club as a change from 40K. Just got to convince people to use their own minis and not have to buy any more.
Other Participation games a Napoleonic one that I did not get a photo of pity and Space Hulk styled game and a dungeon bash plus these.................

Command and Colours Battel of Hydaspses
Cowboy game
Unfortunatley I did not get to game the Bolt Action demo, I looked in for around 15mins but really did not want to get stuck in 28mm WWII yet. I have the minis and the tanks but need to paint them before introducing to the club. Mind you it also looked like a good system.
Some more MOAB pics


40K orks as Deathwing coooooool
Dark eldar bikes as Eldar?
Super dipped Lizardman Cavalry also cool, I am starting to like superdipped minis!

Well enough for now. Have fun.

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