Saturday, September 12, 2015

Can The Bounty Hunters Collect their Prey, X-Wing at the club

Decent turn out at the club with a new face to join the miniature gamers and a few new faces for Magic the Gathering. Sadly year 11 and 12 exams are either on or about to start so the Roleplayers were not to be seen but a nice game of "Hunt the Gotha" or Wings of Glory to you and me was happening with 3 players. But the highlight was a characterful game of X-Wing.

Scum and Villainy bounty hunters were attempting to knock out the Lamda Shuttle transporting and extremely valuable cargo of .............. no doubt some rebel scum with a price on his head........encased in carbonite or such like.  The Lamda had to fly to within range of the tractor beam of the Death Star to be declared safe. Did the Imperials get their way or was it Cash time for the Bounty Hunters?

Four Ties and a Shuttle with few modifications attempt to avoid each other and the asteroids in the first couple of moves. The death star is in the bottom left side out of camera shot.

Scum and Villainy with souped up tricked out flyers but pilot skill was a little lower than I had expected, still around 100 points per side.
I missed the next couple of turns but took this as the Lamda has lost all its shields but the Tie Fighters were there to the rescue.

At the moment it was three fighter ships each but what you don't see is that the Ties have a point or so left but the Scum really wanted the Lamda so the shots that could have finished the escort off was used to take the Lamda closer to the edge.
Almost there, you can see the Micro Machines half built Death Star near the table edge. We elected to say that the shuttle had to get to within 2 hexes of the Death Star to be in Tractor range and therefore Bounty Hunter fighters would be at risk of capture.

End battle, with no fighters shot out of space but the Lamda critically close to the Death Star.
Made it this turn.
Gotha hits the table edge to then turn around and fly back the other way. It was shot down leading to a British Victory.

You can just make out the MTG gamers at the back, a nice crowd for Batemans Bay hopefully we see them again as they are all welcome.


Friday, September 4, 2015

Infinity game at the Golf Club

One of our club gamers wanted another bash at Infinity and realised he could not make the next club night so instead arranged for a game at Tuross Head Gold Club. To the clubs credit they let us set up on there billards/pool table in a section not being used and then it was game on.
Table01 Nomads Vs Ariadna

Table 2 Pan-O vs Ariadna

Table 1 from the other side
This time around my opponent decided to run his Antipodes (nasty alien dog creatures) properly.

The antipode handler lays down smoke and doggies move up.

Handler lays down more smoke and doggies move up again.

More smoke and doggies leap out to land so close to my core troopers. Yet as I had 5 miniatures nearby the cross fire took them down but this made me think that in the future this will be a force to be reckoned with.
Auto canon out in the open and a camo marker soon both were to die but not before some vicious exchanges of fire.

Dog Warrior in close combat with Mobile brigade needless to say Doggy  won!

Grenzer on the roof in prime position only to jump to a new building and shot to bits a moment later.

My Revered Healer hacking the computer console and gaining the objective.

A sneaky Special Ops taking the other objective

Sadly healers can't heal TAGs and mine seem to go down all to fast in my games.
I ended up winning this one but it was much closer 1 objective each and I only won by eliminating enough of the enemy models.
I had a birthday around a month ago but was in hospital. My opponent and his partner ever so kindly bought and painted me this amazing Iguana TAG for my Nomads. They really are too kind. So if they read this post thanks B and D you shouldn't have but it will take pride and place in my Nomad force.

Oh if anyone is interested the MDF buildings are a combination of Blind Pig and CNC miniatures. Also sorry but I took no more photos of the other table. Big mistake but that is how it works occasionally.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Duelling Gamers 5 "The Duel of Kings"

Well I've done it again. I have decided to enter Terrain for Hippos

duelling paintbrushes "opportunity". Well it is a sort of competition for bragging rights only but to me it is an opportunity to get some targeted painting done in a short time.

Unfortunately due to the demise of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and the kindling of new interests in Kings Of War by Mantic (which I have played and enjoyed a lot) there has been a little rejig of the premise of the competition. To cut to the chase, competitors have to paint a horde in Kings of War and the accompanying regiments and units and characters and monsters and well you get it.....

Now what to do? I have enough Undead already from last years attempt.
and there are so many models sitting unloved in the shed. Shall it be dwarves as a mix of mantic and GW minis or shall I do the Kingdom of Men and take my long held wish of a cross-over army of Republican Romans that will look like a slightly more archaic cousin to Mantic's Basileans? I have the Agema Miniatures Romans already and well would have to buy some more dwarves to make a decent attempt on the duel. Hmmm decisions decisions.

No pics this time as I contemplate reality.