Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Duelling Gamers 5 "The Duel of Kings"

Well I've done it again. I have decided to enter Terrain for Hippos

duelling paintbrushes "opportunity". Well it is a sort of competition for bragging rights only but to me it is an opportunity to get some targeted painting done in a short time.

Unfortunately due to the demise of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and the kindling of new interests in Kings Of War by Mantic (which I have played and enjoyed a lot) there has been a little rejig of the premise of the competition. To cut to the chase, competitors have to paint a horde in Kings of War and the accompanying regiments and units and characters and monsters and well you get it.....

Now what to do? I have enough Undead already from last years attempt.
and there are so many models sitting unloved in the shed. Shall it be dwarves as a mix of mantic and GW minis or shall I do the Kingdom of Men and take my long held wish of a cross-over army of Republican Romans that will look like a slightly more archaic cousin to Mantic's Basileans? I have the Agema Miniatures Romans already and well would have to buy some more dwarves to make a decent attempt on the duel. Hmmm decisions decisions.

No pics this time as I contemplate reality.


Firelupus Sautner said...

Looking forward to seeing your efforts this year Chris.

Hoodling said...

Welcome once more to the challenge! Let us embrace folly as one!

chris said...

Hmm I do have to admit that this time around folly might be the issue and though I plan on putting an effort in timing may not be to my advantage. Next term at work might be bigger than I hoped but what is not more enjoyable than the taste of paint on the brush and the look of my dodgy paint jobs photographed up close and personal.