Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Infiity at home as the weather has been lousy.

Well games night at the club was called off due to the atrocious weather we have been getting but an impromptu game or two of Infinity occurred at home last night. Initially there would be one game with a friend at me at the full 300 points with every model painted. But a couple of other friends arrived and another game could be set up. Ariadna Vs my Nomads 300points and Ariadna vs Pan-Oceania at 230 points with most of the minis painted by me. In fact 3 out of the 4 armies I did now that has to be a record. Sadly I was so involved with the game all I got was a shot of each table at the beginning of the games.
Table one with industrial styled elements was 3' X 4' but we just set up further back, you can see the Nomads at the back.

Second table was more of a research facility feel.
I really like the game but so many rules for us all to learn but we have a plan for a league to get our heads around it all a little better.


Paul O'G said...

Glad the wet weather hasn't dampened your gaming spirits!

chris said...

I rode motorbikes for years, a bit of precipitation never really stops me.