Thursday, September 13, 2018

A queit night at the Moruya Marauders Games Club, yet fun was had.

It just goes to show that if the email that is usually sent out does not make it as people are ill then we all seem to forget that it is games night. It is warming up here in Australia and so the winter blues should be fading and yet a mere 4 of us made it to the games night on Tuesday. After the usually set up for 10+ and the obligatory show and tell from club members (more below) we came to realise that only two of us were ready for a game.
I had longed to introduce Infinity to all and sundry and took the chance to suggest a 4 way battle at a lower than usual points tally. 200 points we decides and we had to come in on the corners. Plus I introduced TACO 2.0 to the game.
Infinity is scenario driven and the TACO system is a nice way to use cards to give objectives that can be made turn by turn. Once one is collected you add more to the pile. So each round can be quite a challenge.
I was pretty chuffed at how the game came together and I hope all had fun. It did look pretty good.

Set up

different direction

Show and tell, a great little Slave diorama that was in a build and paint online competition one of our members keenly applies himself too. His last effort was a massive Chaos Dwarf Airship!

Some really great old minis in this lot and one or two I might add to the pile if I can get hold of them.

The huge TAG on its side took most of my orders for a turn and a half to get rid of.

The bear was an Intelligence Operative in the game, brilliant use of CRSPR Cas-9 technology to add bears and intelligence together.

The Avatar TAG behind the flyer would also not die no matter how many players shot at it.

Well lets hope next night is a bit bigger. But then maybe I need to promote us a bit better.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Late August down the club, more 40K, Mordheim, Kings of War and my little Infinity table.

'Twas a good turn up at the end of August for the club night and though a few had the remnants of a flu like cold most brought out their toys and chucked a few dice. I did not, the dreaded lurgy got me and my energy was to low. But sitting in on a game of 40K made me appreciate that the games has some very good strong points to it now. I love the whole object element and the use of tactical objective cards. Reminds me a lot of another Sci-Fi game that uses less minis. 40K does seem to play fast and furious and some elements looked very different from the versions I have played and loved but I will be giving it a go sometime soon. So on with the show.

Mordheim board, I think two games happened sequentially.

I have no idea who built it but this Tavern, gatehouse looks the part, just a little undamaged for the ruins of the once great city of Mordheim.

40K, loved the mat for this game evokes a real sense of impending doom.

Nice Buildings too, must ask who makes them.

OK so this was a bit of inspiration for a fellow gamer. Gold airbrushed on, (or silver for the middle miniature), Minitaire Ghost tint magenta again airbrushed and here is the real bonus, a gold sharpie pen to redo the gold outlining of all the armour panels. Clever, and idea stolen. Really like the red too.

40K game I watched, nasty Chaos Tzeench vs nastier Tyrannids. Close combat is huge now and rather brutal. the nids seem to go down in droves and had very little left but the objectives and tactical objective cards gathered throughout the match meant that the nids won.

Once upon a time I would never leave so many expensive models in an enclosed space like this but the game plays differently now.

Tau vs Tau Civil War!!!!!!!!11

Chaos tainted Primarch taking a hit or 13.


Battle of the beasts in the Kings of War match, treeman alas was turned to kindling.

The look of despondence as you realise that 30+ Tau face you with shotguns and they work very differently now for the Tau!

Khorne demons

My little board for Infinity. This was played at home with a great friend that popped over. Infinity looks so good when the board has lots of buildings even if most of mine are the paper/card ones from all the different sets.
Looking forward to next club night but not sure what to play should I go for a game of 40K, continue with Mordheim and progress my warband or bring out the Infinity toys again. Who knows.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

August Club night Mordheim, Kill Team and Kings of War, what a nice mix of games.

Our usual crowd of 40K gamers and Barry's Wings of Glory game did not make a show tonight. But Games Workshop was still represented with the new version of Kill Team making its debut and the old favourite that has been given the breath of life. Unfortunately the images for these are only at the beginning of the games as I was all consumed with my Kings of War game to take later shots.
Kill Team re imagined

One of the kill teams in the process of building I guess. Always liked this version of Games Workshops skirmish games. I still have some fancy Cadians from when the Kill Team rules were in White Dwarf.

Mordheim board complete with donated Jungle houses..............hmmm, Wyrdstone again

The BLU TAK GANG, the most heinous of all Orcish gangs found in the destroyed city.

Brand New Ostlanders that have seen a ghost....or a can of primer at least. These are built from the bitz box, from Fireforge bodies and old GW/Citadel arms, heads and weapons. 

The Kings of War games was a nice 4 X 1500point battle royal. With the Abyssal Dwarfs and Undead allying against Dwarf and Forces of Nature. I have to admit to liking some of the new Forces of Nature models by Mantic. The joy of Kings of War is the ability to sneak all sorts of models into your forces. See if you can name the DnD monster prominent in white in a couple of the images.

Forces of Nature (Boo Hiss)

3000 points a side

More forces of nature with dwarfs.

Skeletons and nasty Centaurs that are known as....?

Right hand side of the Forces of death and destruction

After a couple of turns the damage is mounting up.

My favourite moment of the battle when the Werewolf horde moves over the rocky ground and eats a unit of dwarfs due to hitting it in the flank. Double the attacks!

Soul Reaver Cavalry this unit hits so hard.

Vampire at the back with a heal spell to take a bit of the damage from the cavalry. They can run away easily enough when the damage builds up.

Notice the DnD beasty yet?

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Too long between post, just a club image round up for June and July

Well it seems I am letting the club down a little on updating our comings and goings. So to prove that we have been busy here are some images of people and their toy soldiers in all sorts of scales, sizes and abilities to fly.............or not.
2 X 40K games in June

Some great buildings that smack of Stalingrad

Not Russians but Space Wolves................

Pop the balloon

Actually caught on fire, hydrogen? old classic

July and 40K

Grey nasties hiding in buildings again

wings of glory WW11

Chaos demons

WWI and your turn to name the game.

A Mordheim campaign begins.

second of three tables

I used my Ghost Archipelago minis as my warband

Some success tonight but not enough heros to gain much in the way of experience and Wyrdstone

I now hope that the Mordheim efforts may lead to Frostgrave shenanigans but if not the GW just might re release this one too.