Thursday, May 24, 2018

Infinity Season 9 Hunting Party

It was a quiet night last Tuesday at the club. The oncoming cold, people ill or with new members of their family or stuck at work on the night shift. What ever the reason we were down to a mere 5 people and one was only visiting anyway.

Even so the four of us gaming has a great night. Alas I was all consumed in my game of Infinity and forgot to take photos of the Kings of War game, sorry chaps!

This years scenario book put out by Corvus Belli is known as Season 9 and has a great scenario called Hunting Party. It was very different from the average shoot and grab style scenarios where whittling away the enemy and engaging with the objectives it the way of the game, a balance between the two will be help you attain victory. Hunting Party is about a couple of objective grabs but then you need to capture your opponents specialists and leaders.

I took a pretty shooty Yu Jing force my opponent the same but using Combined army and we had at it. It was a ripper, with the final turn and 3 final orders for the Combined Army with a chance to remove both of the points I had gained but putting at risk his leader, that if lost would give me the game. First order not quite to plan but still not a disaster, second order and the dice fell my opponents way and I chewed on my finger nails. Last order and the dice were mine..............Combined Army lieutenant captured and the victory for Yu Jing.

Happy gaming one and all.

I do look forward to seeing Barry Back in the fold with his foot out of the moon boot of healing.

Play is coming to a head, my teapot is actually a hacker unit in Thermo optical camouflage.

Combined Army Leader leaps the barriers lands in the middle of my troops and stops my hacker in his tracks but my leader off screen shoots a stun weapon and the game in mine.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

40K and Conan what a nice mix for a club night.

As the heading suggests games night was all about 40K and the Conan board game.

The new version of 40K seems to have really brought many back to the fold which is rather nice. I still have to give the new rules a run as I can see some nice benefits. But seeing as 4th and 5th editions were my last real foray I am sure that the new rules will seem more, well, New than old 40K this of course is no negative it is just another game that I will have to learn.

Club nights have had a few turn up and thus 2 tables of 40k and 5 of us playing Conan. The kickstarter we missed out on but one lucky club member bought the whole kit and caboodle (main boxed game and a swag of other sets) at a second hand stall for the princely sum of $120.00 Australian, I am sure that this is 50% of what it would cost. We had a go and like what happened in Heroquest all those years ago our rampant adventuring types went off on their own and only came back together as a team in turn 4 of 8 turns. Thus we lost to the gamesmaster. But we don't care as it was a blast. Nice minis too. I bought into the Conan RPG and am looking at a cross over but we will have to wait and see.

Space Wolves vs Necrons,  I still have a soft spot for the Necrons and gee some of the new models are very atmospheric.

When they turn up behind you and you are facing the wrong direction it is down hill from there.

Once upon a time this was asking for a template, alas no templates anymore, this will take some getting used to.

Orks vs Korne Orks lost and it looked like a good game.

Cool ork bomba that was purchased from the UK, love how the Orks still have the most unlikely of machinery of war.

Game about to begin, with Picts and Giant snakes about to leap out and snot us.

Next night is Tuesday the 24th see you all there.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

It is now April, oh dear I am not really following up on the club now am I?

Life as they say gets in the way of playing, or in my case blogging on behalf of the club. Yet at last I am to attempt a small update. We have had a few good nights and the odd quieter one. 40k is undergoing a real resurgence. The guys are pulling out all stops to keep the minis coming and there are some great little battles that keep happening. The game seems to work well for all 1000-2000 point games which is nice. I am still a little miffed that the Dark Angels book came out so soon after Index Imperium 1 I still have not even used this $40.00 tome of delight. Can't justify the purchase of the next one yet.

X-wing has been the game of choice for the last couple of nights and I had the chance to try out the 8 rookie tie fighters for 100 points combo. Well not really a combo but it plays well as 2 squads of 4 tie fighters. I use micromachine Ties from a few years back as these are the ones I used at school with the kids and I just do not have 8 real tie fighters. I am pleased to say that 8 Tie Fighters has been successful in two games. Woot. I seem to not win often with the Empire unless with other more talented Imperial players but this time success!

40K Nids vs Guard and Others

Ghost vs 8 ties (Ghost ended up ghosted)

 Slave 1 vs 7 Ties, yes ghost actually got 1 (Slave 1 yes you guessed it) 

Starting to even up a little now but the Scum and Villainy failed to impress the powers of the Empire.
A rather small project i have been working on.

6mm WWII on a Pin Board.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

A start to the year

Well the club is off and running again and maybe I can get my act together to blog a little more this time. We had a nice turn out with plenty of different games on the tables. X-Wing, 40K, Wings of Glory, and Infinity. With CanCon looming many of the lads will head up to spend hard earned dollars. Not me this year, small gaps to fill and that's about it. But i might try and offload a force or two at the Second Hand Stall.
The third last image is worth noting. This is a good chunk of the club as it stands and we had the honour of a previous club member’s Mum visiting and donating a huge collection of 40K and LOTR miniatures. Sadly our chum Chris died a while back, he is missed by his family, friends and gaming buddies. The family wanted our club to have his old collection. So we decided to share it around. If you made it on the night you went home with an early Christmas present. Even a couple of kids from my school gained a bonus or two. Regardless of the windfall, it would still be nicer if we had all our old mates with us chucking dice and laughing at the silliness of “playing toy soldiers”.
Enjoy the year.

Please note Hippo! Care of Owen at Terrain for Hippos. You must visit this page of pure inspiration.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Tuesday at the Club. X-Wing 40k and MTG

21 people, yep back up to the numbers from before winter and a couple of new chaps. It is nice when an old chum returns to the fold, even better when 2 appear, perfect when they bring mates and future little gamers with that unbeatable luck that under 5s have. Thus the evening was spent throwing dice and having fun.

Picture time.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Open Combat, the quick game prior to work.

I do a lot of marking for school at home and the joy of a weekend is that i get to do family stuff. Alas work and family don't always work together. Today though was a great little game of Open Combat. If are not familiar with it look it up via Google etc. Plays in 30-45 mins, plenty of scenarios in the book or pdf, and you can build any warband your heart desires. Fantasy, yes, historical pre gunpowder, yes. What is not to like.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Last club night in August Saga and 40K, and introducing X-wing at school

At last another game of Saga and this time we played one of the scenarios properly. As I looked across at the mere 3 units in the waiting houses I thought easy peasy, this will be a cake walk. I was needless to say some what shocked when I realised at turn 4 I was unlikely to win with taking on each house and its resident Scots. Slowly victory fell to the Normans but it was a much closer game than I would have thought. I love it when this occurs as we all go home happy.
Normans closing in on the hidden Scots

My Scot opponent carefully considering how best to stay safe and out of harms way with 50% less than what I had.
40K has garnered interest again as the streamlining of the rules has brought some players back to the game. I have not had the pleasure yet but will soon. Some are very happy with the changes but out Blood Angels player felt a little ripped off when his usual heroes did not do what was expected of them.
Blood Angels not quite what they used to be?

Nice Necron force to cause mischief

Forgot to bring the other desert mat
Infinity at a club members house

The other table outside on a mild winters day, gotta love gaming in Australia

My Gorgos that has been more a hit than  a miss I have to say, not to bad in the game at all.

Note the micro-machines and pumice asteroids. This was an intro to X-wing that hopefully will see a few kids at school join the club and then play with the real toys.
Remember peoples that we play every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the Month.