Thursday, January 18, 2018

A start to the year

Well the club is off and running again and maybe I can get my act together to blog a little more this time. We had a nice turn out with plenty of different games on the tables. X-Wing, 40K, Wings of Glory, and Infinity. With CanCon looming many of the lads will head up to spend hard earned dollars. Not me this year, small gaps to fill and that's about it. But i might try and offload a force or two at the Second Hand Stall.
The third last image is worth noting. This is a good chunk of the club as it stands and we had the honour of a previous club member’s Mum visiting and donating a huge collection of 40K and LOTR miniatures. Sadly our chum Chris died a while back, he is missed by his family, friends and gaming buddies. The family wanted our club to have his old collection. So we decided to share it around. If you made it on the night you went home with an early Christmas present. Even a couple of kids from my school gained a bonus or two. Regardless of the windfall, it would still be nicer if we had all our old mates with us chucking dice and laughing at the silliness of “playing toy soldiers”.
Enjoy the year.

Please note Hippo! Care of Owen at Terrain for Hippos. You must visit this page of pure inspiration.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Tuesday at the Club. X-Wing 40k and MTG

21 people, yep back up to the numbers from before winter and a couple of new chaps. It is nice when an old chum returns to the fold, even better when 2 appear, perfect when they bring mates and future little gamers with that unbeatable luck that under 5s have. Thus the evening was spent throwing dice and having fun.

Picture time.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Open Combat, the quick game prior to work.

I do a lot of marking for school at home and the joy of a weekend is that i get to do family stuff. Alas work and family don't always work together. Today though was a great little game of Open Combat. If are not familiar with it look it up via Google etc. Plays in 30-45 mins, plenty of scenarios in the book or pdf, and you can build any warband your heart desires. Fantasy, yes, historical pre gunpowder, yes. What is not to like.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Last club night in August Saga and 40K, and introducing X-wing at school

At last another game of Saga and this time we played one of the scenarios properly. As I looked across at the mere 3 units in the waiting houses I thought easy peasy, this will be a cake walk. I was needless to say some what shocked when I realised at turn 4 I was unlikely to win with taking on each house and its resident Scots. Slowly victory fell to the Normans but it was a much closer game than I would have thought. I love it when this occurs as we all go home happy.
Normans closing in on the hidden Scots

My Scot opponent carefully considering how best to stay safe and out of harms way with 50% less than what I had.
40K has garnered interest again as the streamlining of the rules has brought some players back to the game. I have not had the pleasure yet but will soon. Some are very happy with the changes but out Blood Angels player felt a little ripped off when his usual heroes did not do what was expected of them.
Blood Angels not quite what they used to be?

Nice Necron force to cause mischief

Forgot to bring the other desert mat
Infinity at a club members house

The other table outside on a mild winters day, gotta love gaming in Australia

My Gorgos that has been more a hit than  a miss I have to say, not to bad in the game at all.

Note the micro-machines and pumice asteroids. This was an intro to X-wing that hopefully will see a few kids at school join the club and then play with the real toys.
Remember peoples that we play every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the Month.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A quick jaunt to a new club.

I had the pleasure of spending the day with th Goulburn Valiant Stormers club to play a game of Basic Impetus 2. My first love with miniature games is the ancient and medieval periods and I had the chance to play my Carthaginian army. It was my first game and a great teacher took me through the steps. Alas I lost but still had a great day. The best part about Impetus in all its forms is the brilliant basing. In 28mm size the large 120mm bases allow almost dioramas to be built.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Happenings at the club and a few photos from WinterCon 2017 Canberra

This will be more of a photo dump as it would seem that it is to hard to use the iPad as a blog writer, at least for Blogger. Club has been up and down with mixed games some old some new being played.


Lots of TAGs in an Infinity game

40K in July

Infinity training game

WinterCon nice Boltaction army 01

WinterCon nice Boltaction army 02

WinterCon nice Boltaction army 03

WinterCon nice Boltaction army 04

WinterCon nice Boltaction army 05

40K ork army from WinterCon loved it

Details of the 40K ork army from WinterCon

Details of the 40K ork army from WinterCon

Really was clever

My Tohaa TAG for Infinity

One of our female painters Father Knight, it was very very good.

Another Training table for Infinity

Open Combat a new game for our club

More Open Combat

Fast and furious games in 40 mins or so in Open Combat

Bugbears won.