Sunday, December 8, 2019

Another Year Coming to a Close but the Dice Roll On

As the title suggests we head towards a new year 2020. This one has been a bit frantic at times but the  move to Batemans Bay has not done the club any harm. If fact it has allowed for a couple of new members to join that are local to the Bay. Alas some of the Moruya Chaps are finding the trip a little hard especially in winter. But the games still go on.

A few images from the past year at our new home.

X-Wing and Impetus

Yep more X-wing

Second Edition but we still play 1st as well.

40K has taken a big leap back into the spot light.

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Paul O'G said...

Good to see you at both CanCon and MOAB this year Chris - hope you have a cracking 2020 filled with gaming!