Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Preparing for CanCon

The annual trip up to Canberra and CanCon is almost upon us. This year like last I am not playing in a tournament but have signed up to a Crusades participation game. Thus the images below are my small contribution to the 3 days of gaming. The miniatures are speed painted in the last week or so with a mild dip and highlights added. Nice at arms length but do not hold up under scrutiny.
Eureka and Crusader X Bow

Eureka spearmen

 More of the same different angle.
 Eureka archers
Essex Heavy Cavalry (Old) sans spears.

Eureka command Salah al Din

Light Cav, Eureka and Essex

More light cav same as above.

Better Heavy Cav with weapons.

The whole force

Heavy Cav general and standard from Grimsby war-games site.
I had hoped that Saga for the Crusades would be out by now and the convention participation game was to use the new Saga rules but alas it was not to be. Instead they are using Deus Vult so no doubt by the end of the 3 days I'll have another rules set tucked under my arm and the wallet will be slimmer once more.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bit quite for the holidays

As is rather usual the club night on the Second Friday of the month was a little quite. 8 or so lads for Magic The Gathering, 2 playing Malifaux, 2 with Wings of Glory and 4 playing a 20mm Big Battle version of the venerable DBA rules.
Malifaux in the background DBA in the front

Italian Greek Colony troops

More of the above

My Spanish Ally Cavalry and others prepare for the inevitable clash
The Carthaginian line about to smash through the heavy spear of the Italian Greeks or so I thought.

Slowly the Spanish were whittled away

On the left flank I did come out on top but only after losing the elephants!!! They always seem to go down when I use them. Yet the Carthaginians were not to have victory this time.

A Roman vs Successor fight. Victory to the Romans
The beauty of DBA is the ability for multiple games to be played in one night. I was also able to get in a smaller game with Alexander vs the Galatians and my Alexandrians came out on top. We will look seriously at having a campaign night or two using the Punic wars as a basis to the fighting.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Void Bikes

One of my WIP from a couple of posts ago was a Void Jet Bike in 28mm. Well here is the small force coming together. I will try to build up this unit and maybe use it as proxies for one of the Infinity Houses as I try to learn the infinity rules.
2 Bikes, 1 Bike with Sidecar, The Jet Bike and 3 on foot.

My favourite is the Bike with Chair (and Gatling gun!)