Sunday, March 10, 2013

Friday the 8th of March 2013

Unusually we had a fairly quite night. Around 10 lads playing Magic The Gathering outside in the cool night air, Barry and I played Wings of Glory, and a couple of lads played a quick 1500point Warhammer Fantasy game.

Barry's efforts to assist my Hun aircraft in gaining a well deserved victory!

Yep a mid air collision. One plane collected 0 damage the other 10! Shortly there after I shot his Ace to the ground and then his rookie pilot decided to collide with me, needless to say my plane was quickly sent spiralling to the ground in flames. But my last aircraft the float plane in the picture remained in the air, to score a well deserved victory. Please note the mat. A shot from google earth of an island to the north of Australia and its small airfield not in the photo. The image was downloaded at the highest resolution taken to officeworks and printed on a very large piece of high weight paper. $30.00 later and you have a really cool bit of coast to fly your float planes on. Thanks to Karl in Qld for this mat!

Monday, March 4, 2013


Got a game in at home with the lads. HOTT, yep Hordes of the Things, 15mm DBA fantasy. I messed up a little using measuring sticks with the wrong movement on them. It still worked and as per usual when rekinddling a game from the depths of the vault I lost. Quite, I might like to add, convincingly even when number 2 son rolled aweful movment pips/dice. Made a few mistakes in the rules as we went along as though we have all played DBA we have had very few games of HOTT. Actually this was a really nice way to spend an afternoon.
The set up, Combined Orc army at 48 points run by the lads. Vampire fueled undead army by yours truly.
2 Behmoths facing off against the orc riders and general hero, a giant spider and non other than Thrud the Barbarian as my big beasts! Please note that the 15mm Ralpartha wolf riders started life as 25mm models. Ditto thrud the Barbarian. How things have grown.
My loses at the end of the game, both generals, my knights and the odd skelington or 3. Yep I rolled lower than the number of lost elements when the general fell and game over. I think I killed off 4 wolf riders and an enemy behmoth and that was about it. Note the Here There Be Dragon Rules, never played 'em! But they looked good with the models on top.

Late Feb meeting

Big night but I did not get around for the usual array of photos. Thus only a couple to grace the page.
A big 40 K game, necrons vs 2 marine and a Tau force. Using the old rules still as only the lads know how to play them as many of us oldies don't have the new rules yet. Necrons lost but destroyed a lot of the enemies forces. The ability to ally is not new but it is nice when you only have 10 models or 500 points or so and would like a game. You can join with others!

Ahh space hulk! I got to play in this one.
 I played the original way back when but alas had not had the chance to use the shiny new version, manily because I did not buy it and it rarely arrives at the club to use. We had a new chap turn up and as he has not really gamed much before but has 40K models we roped him into a game using the Space Hulk set another playerbrought. This would be just the thing to convert him. Sadly new chum lost, and I won. Now I know that this is not how one gains new bodies for the club and yet by the end of the game he was happy to leave with a smile on his face even after losing and so we hope to see him next time.

I do feel that these are some of the nicest models in quality that GW have produced and I really feel miffed that I did not have the cash to buy it at the time. I see it on fleaBay but at $300 a pop I am unlikely to purchase.

On the paint bench atm.......................
The last of a FOG late Roman 15mm army 1 more unit of Auxillia
A smattering of Swiss and Burgundians to bring old Big Battle DBA armies up to FOG levels,again 15mm.
DBA War of the Roses, you guessed it 15mm.
I must move back into 28mm soon, eye strain.......15mm............argh

Oh look shiny new toys 6mm SYW...................hmmm