Sunday, March 10, 2013

Friday the 8th of March 2013

Unusually we had a fairly quite night. Around 10 lads playing Magic The Gathering outside in the cool night air, Barry and I played Wings of Glory, and a couple of lads played a quick 1500point Warhammer Fantasy game.

Barry's efforts to assist my Hun aircraft in gaining a well deserved victory!

Yep a mid air collision. One plane collected 0 damage the other 10! Shortly there after I shot his Ace to the ground and then his rookie pilot decided to collide with me, needless to say my plane was quickly sent spiralling to the ground in flames. But my last aircraft the float plane in the picture remained in the air, to score a well deserved victory. Please note the mat. A shot from google earth of an island to the north of Australia and its small airfield not in the photo. The image was downloaded at the highest resolution taken to officeworks and printed on a very large piece of high weight paper. $30.00 later and you have a really cool bit of coast to fly your float planes on. Thanks to Karl in Qld for this mat!

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