Sunday, December 16, 2012

Last 2 for this year

We round off December with a Friday Night and a Saturday in the one weekend. Great night on Friday with extra funds built up over the year going back into the club via a Pizza Night! Often we buy terrain or bitz to make terrain but once or twice a year we can put some sort of lunch or dinner on too.
Baz and the Wings of War crew, nice scenario of Brits strafing the hun areodrome. The Brits Bagged 10 planes most on the ground for only the loss of 1 Brit!
40K game of Eldar vs Dark Angels, the angels won.
Iron Warriors vs Tyranids, Nids won.

Malifaux game who won????
Two lots of MTG on the night, I didn't get a shot of the older chaps pity.

Saturdays 40K game with the Eldar beating the Space Wolves in capturing the objectives.

MTG on the Saturday.

Yours truly provided Pizza a a truck load of lollies and a ginger Bread house, whilst gluing a British WWII sniper and a PIAT team together bring on Bolt Action.

See you after Christmas have a safe an merry time and think about what you can do for someone else.

Monday, December 10, 2012

What's on the paint desk now

Well what have I been working on teaser only no pics!
1) Saga Vikings for Sale at CanCon 28mm
2) Saga Saxons for me 28mm
3) Force on Force USA and Afghanies for me? 15mm
4) Bolt Action WWII but actually Crusader, Artizan and Plastic Soldier Company Brits, Germans and Russinas in 28mm for me.
5) 6mm, yes 6mm SYW imagination units for a Maurice lite game that may or may not ever happen but I have to admit. 96 infantry 18 cavalry and 2 guns and crew painted and glued to bases in 2 days is good going hahahaha. (mind you they are second hand and only needed touch ups).

Sunday, December 2, 2012

saga of a failing norman knight

Well time to post a home game. My son wanted a game and I wanted to play SAGA so we agreed to a 4 pointer  to try out my new Normans. He used Anglo Saxons due to the great ability to max out your unit size and get bonuses.

Sacred ground, the three elements in the centre have to be held and you gain Victory Points for the number of troops in them per turn. The houses are just for the look. Being Normans I had it made, watch those knights run around and claim all the objectives. Normans on the right Saxons on the left.

A couple of turns in and I am in three out of three objectives with the Saxons only just entering the middle hill. Home and hosed or so I thought. Hmmm don't those levy have bows..................?

The view up Senlac Hill, woops sorry getting a little ahead of myself. Mind you by this stage I had come to see how inefective 8 warrior crossbows can be vs the Warlord. Should have gone for the Warriors instead. By now I was looking a little worse for wear. 1 unit Hearthguard Knights gone, Warlord gone and just about to lose the other unit of knights.
Notice crossbowmen running for cover but the Spearmen have driven off the Saxon warriors. Mind you I have not shown you the rest of the table!
At the end of the game, Saxons have 1 mini from a unit of warriors on the end objective, 2 minis from a 2nd Saxon unit on the same object, 1 Warlord, a few levy and a single warror on the middle objective. The Normans on the other hand have...................none, no not just no objective but no miniatures. But wait, this is points based and I was seriously winning in turns 1,1,2,2. At the end of the game 8 turns later. Saxons 130 points, Normans 96 hmmmmm. Well done to my son and looking forward to painting up another Norman Warlord cos this one just did not do the work he was meant to. Battle of Hastings it was not.