Monday, December 10, 2012

What's on the paint desk now

Well what have I been working on teaser only no pics!
1) Saga Vikings for Sale at CanCon 28mm
2) Saga Saxons for me 28mm
3) Force on Force USA and Afghanies for me? 15mm
4) Bolt Action WWII but actually Crusader, Artizan and Plastic Soldier Company Brits, Germans and Russinas in 28mm for me.
5) 6mm, yes 6mm SYW imagination units for a Maurice lite game that may or may not ever happen but I have to admit. 96 infantry 18 cavalry and 2 guns and crew painted and glued to bases in 2 days is good going hahahaha. (mind you they are second hand and only needed touch ups).

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