Thursday, December 10, 2015

Last Games night for the year, sorry no pics.

Well the year comes to an end and the clubs final night for the year has come to pass. A larger game of X-wing battled out with 4 players.

Baz held his usual Wings of Glory WWI game with again 4 players and the Infinity game I held had 3 of us with 2 sides of 350 points.

My Nomads came out on top but it was a close run thing with the Ariadna on top of me in Turn 1. My flank was destroyed and 6 troops down but I made a come back and in the final seconds Pi-Well (you have to know the game to know who Pi-Well is) clambered up a building spent another token and captured the second out of 3 objectives.

The other highlight was the screams of mirth emanating from the little back room full of roleplayers. Around 6 of them hid out the back playing, no not Pathfinder but a fun little card game called Munchkin.

This fantastic game usually has you falling around in laughter within the first 15 minutes. Have a look online for reviews but take it from the young lads that it keeps you entertained for a good hour or so and you leave with a smile. Something that can not always be said about the odd miniatures games I have seen run over the years.

Pizza's supplied to keep us all topped up as is right for the last night of the year (for us).

I hope to talk again soon with some personal painting highlights.

This is a little image of a Battlegroup Barbarossa game I had earlier in the year. Sort of hope to have a few more next year but so few people play WWII around here.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Duel of Kings is all over yet The Kingdom of Men has only begun

It is over.
Imperial Bolt Shooters (only need 1)

Stone Golem Love this miniature

Hastati 1

Hastati 2

The Horde (Which is the Hastati and Principes joined together)

principies 01

principes o2

The actual Roman force rather than the KOW force


Velite 01

Velite 02

Velite 03 the joy of KOW is that as a base each of these units of a mere 3 minis will equate to a base of 10 militia (if no one minds of course)

The whole KOW Kingdom of Men army complete.
Thanks Owen, Grot, Glen, Drew and all the others for the motivation to get it done. Now on with the cavalry

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Duel of Kings Almost complete 3 days to go

Well with three days to go I am finding it hard to fully finish but it is not over yet. Others have done both a far better paint job and have completed their units (thanks Drew ) but I am going to try.
the whole force arrayed

same minis different angle

The Horde and a support troop, shields do not have funky symbols, as 1 I can't paint and 2 I need to come up with the cash for the decals

General stand complete with paint blob on shield, highlight and grass on the ground and this stand will be done.

Love this mini, reaper bones stone golem with fossil on shoulder but I realised that the base was 50 X 50 but I think it will look good on the large base. A bit of moss and finish the base and that will make this complete too.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Duel of Kings, the final week

The Whole army so far, sans shields

Half a Horde

Other half of a horde

The Legion



Warbeast, not a wolf but sort of built from the rocks near sorry in The Kingdom that my troops come from.........??

War engine
Italian Allies (not needed for Duel of Kings but will make a nice unit)

Balearic Slingers (militia again?) 

Cretan Archers (ummmmm bowmen)

My General, I could not track down a nice mounted general in time but these look the part and even though you need only 1 miniature for your hero/generals for the Kingdom of Men I sort of felt that it would look nice to have it as a group hope no one minds. Now where are the paint brushers?
Please note that the cavalry will not make an appearance and I am going to be pushed to finish this lot in time.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Duel of Kings the first lot of paint lands on the minis

This is the next set of stages towards the October 31st deadline
Most of the units with base painting done

Half of the Horde Super dipped, just highlighting to do

The other half of the horde

The Troop of Foot Guard or in the Roman language Triarii, also shaded

Velites or in KOW my militia

Monday, October 12, 2015

Duel of Kings 2 The Kingdom of Men take shape (no paint yet)


Well over the weekend I was able to put together the beginnings of the small force for Duel of Kings

Eventually it will look like this

Kingdoms of Men

using Agema Miniatures Punic War Republican Romans

Horde of Foot Guard Roman Principes and Hastati legion

Troop of Foot Guard Roman Triari

3 Troops of Militia Roman Velites

Troop of Mtd Sergeants Roman Cavalry

War Engine Imperial Roman Ballista

General on Horse

Beast of War (possibly a couple of nasty fantasy wolves in Bronze armour)

Agema Romans take shape

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A slowwww begining to Duelling Paintbrushes 5 The Duel of Kings

Sadly I have barely begun to build or paint my attempt at the Duel for this year and yet there is still hope.

My Kingdoms of Men army based on Punic war Romans still in boxes

Close up of the only two minis glued together before this weekend. Two Triarii that will form 2 of 10 in a Troop Unit.
Will I pull it off? Hope so.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Can The Bounty Hunters Collect their Prey, X-Wing at the club

Decent turn out at the club with a new face to join the miniature gamers and a few new faces for Magic the Gathering. Sadly year 11 and 12 exams are either on or about to start so the Roleplayers were not to be seen but a nice game of "Hunt the Gotha" or Wings of Glory to you and me was happening with 3 players. But the highlight was a characterful game of X-Wing.

Scum and Villainy bounty hunters were attempting to knock out the Lamda Shuttle transporting and extremely valuable cargo of .............. no doubt some rebel scum with a price on his head........encased in carbonite or such like.  The Lamda had to fly to within range of the tractor beam of the Death Star to be declared safe. Did the Imperials get their way or was it Cash time for the Bounty Hunters?

Four Ties and a Shuttle with few modifications attempt to avoid each other and the asteroids in the first couple of moves. The death star is in the bottom left side out of camera shot.

Scum and Villainy with souped up tricked out flyers but pilot skill was a little lower than I had expected, still around 100 points per side.
I missed the next couple of turns but took this as the Lamda has lost all its shields but the Tie Fighters were there to the rescue.

At the moment it was three fighter ships each but what you don't see is that the Ties have a point or so left but the Scum really wanted the Lamda so the shots that could have finished the escort off was used to take the Lamda closer to the edge.
Almost there, you can see the Micro Machines half built Death Star near the table edge. We elected to say that the shuttle had to get to within 2 hexes of the Death Star to be in Tractor range and therefore Bounty Hunter fighters would be at risk of capture.

End battle, with no fighters shot out of space but the Lamda critically close to the Death Star.
Made it this turn.
Gotha hits the table edge to then turn around and fly back the other way. It was shot down leading to a British Victory.

You can just make out the MTG gamers at the back, a nice crowd for Batemans Bay hopefully we see them again as they are all welcome.