Friday, October 30, 2015

Duel of Kings is all over yet The Kingdom of Men has only begun

It is over.
Imperial Bolt Shooters (only need 1)

Stone Golem Love this miniature

Hastati 1

Hastati 2

The Horde (Which is the Hastati and Principes joined together)

principies 01

principes o2

The actual Roman force rather than the KOW force


Velite 01

Velite 02

Velite 03 the joy of KOW is that as a base each of these units of a mere 3 minis will equate to a base of 10 militia (if no one minds of course)

The whole KOW Kingdom of Men army complete.
Thanks Owen, Grot, Glen, Drew and all the others for the motivation to get it done. Now on with the cavalry

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