Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Duel of Kings Almost complete 3 days to go

Well with three days to go I am finding it hard to fully finish but it is not over yet. Others have done both a far better paint job and have completed their units (thanks Drew ) but I am going to try.
the whole force arrayed

same minis different angle

The Horde and a support troop, shields do not have funky symbols, as 1 I can't paint and 2 I need to come up with the cash for the decals

General stand complete with paint blob on shield, highlight and grass on the ground and this stand will be done.

Love this mini, reaper bones stone golem with fossil on shoulder but I realised that the base was 50 X 50 but I think it will look good on the large base. A bit of moss and finish the base and that will make this complete too.


Drew McLean said...

Glad to you you're in your final stages. Huzzah!

Paul O'G said...

Looking good mate!
Group projects like this are always inspiring

chris said...

Thanks gentlemen I agree that the group project is a way to inspire yourself but it would still work better if the motivation started earlier and you get your act together to decide what you want to do before the date of commencement.

The Kiwi said...

Very nice. The Stone golem rocks though....get it...Rocks! ha ha. cheers