Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Duel of Kings the first lot of paint lands on the minis

This is the next set of stages towards the October 31st deadline
Most of the units with base painting done

Half of the Horde Super dipped, just highlighting to do

The other half of the horde

The Troop of Foot Guard or in the Roman language Triarii, also shaded

Velites or in KOW my militia


Paul O'G said...

Great stuff!

chris said...

thanks Paul

Drew McLean said...

Suddenly painting!
You're looking much more on track now- awesome!

chris said...

Yep Drew, found the mojo, and more importantly the time to get paint on the minis. Very average paint job with super dip shading but then I am going for the mass effect and not a Golden Demon winner. I will take a bit more time to do the shields though.