Sunday, October 25, 2015

Duel of Kings, the final week

The Whole army so far, sans shields

Half a Horde

Other half of a horde

The Legion



Warbeast, not a wolf but sort of built from the rocks near sorry in The Kingdom that my troops come from.........??

War engine
Italian Allies (not needed for Duel of Kings but will make a nice unit)

Balearic Slingers (militia again?) 

Cretan Archers (ummmmm bowmen)

My General, I could not track down a nice mounted general in time but these look the part and even though you need only 1 miniature for your hero/generals for the Kingdom of Men I sort of felt that it would look nice to have it as a group hope no one minds. Now where are the paint brushers?
Please note that the cavalry will not make an appearance and I am going to be pushed to finish this lot in time.

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