Monday, October 12, 2015

Duel of Kings 2 The Kingdom of Men take shape (no paint yet)


Well over the weekend I was able to put together the beginnings of the small force for Duel of Kings

Eventually it will look like this

Kingdoms of Men

using Agema Miniatures Punic War Republican Romans

Horde of Foot Guard Roman Principes and Hastati legion

Troop of Foot Guard Roman Triari

3 Troops of Militia Roman Velites

Troop of Mtd Sergeants Roman Cavalry

War Engine Imperial Roman Ballista

General on Horse

Beast of War (possibly a couple of nasty fantasy wolves in Bronze armour)

Agema Romans take shape


Drew McLean said...

Hang in there!

chris said...

Thanks Drew, got 'em built and got a lick of paint on some of them.
Now to the next stage.