Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mantic Catapult and an Old Necromancer

The Catapult is complete and my small Mantic miniatures army is slowly growing. I have painted and based around 600 points in Kings Of War terms and am happy with this outcome. As mentioned earlier I can't use this in WFB so is not counted in the Duelling Gamers paint progress. Still this is a nice miniature and looks impressive on the table just don't look to closely at the paint job.

No onto on of my spell casters. This is a really old GW skeleton, at least that is what was on the tag but he makes a really nice necromancer for either WFB or KOW. I wanted the grass tuft to look a little less vibrant than what is on the bases of the other unit, it is just that so many undead armies have the burnt dead grass look. I reason that the army marches through and as it does so it sucks the life out so if it is early enough the grass will still be greener. Well that is my take.
GW Skeleton......
I am keen to see a little more cleared from my paint table so next up BloodBowl Styled wicked elves and maybe some 15mm Sherman tanks. Werewolves will have to wait until next month. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Duelling Gamers, what is next on the plastic pile to paint

Sadly as I have just about all the miniatures I need for the painting/gaming competition I can leap ahead and pull out of the box the next toys to apply a lick of paint to. Well I say sadly because my next foray puts me around $39.00 into next months Au $100.00 GW equivalent spend. I have some of the mantic werewolves that I bought along with their excellent Kings Of War Kickstarter campaign. These will work as ................werewolves (nice guess) in Kings of War but will have to be either Crypt Horrors or Vargeists in Warhammer Fantasy at the cool price of $79.00. With my $40.00 spare from this months spend I am now over budget, ouch. I'll leave you, the audience, to decide should they be Crypt Horrors or Vargeists?

Werewolves WIP
I also have a catapult nearing completion but this must be excluded from the competition as I had built and part painted the silly thing prior to the start of the competition and well nothing like it exists in the vampire counts army list so sort of irrelevant except it is a nice model.
Catapult Wip

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Duelling gamers what have we completed.

The joy of holidays is in the ability to finish jobs previously started. Like fixing stairs painting the walls and so on but no not me, paint yes but on tiny small lumps of tin and lead or plastic, (delete as required). Though my competitors have better painted miniatures (by a long shot) I have, as of today, completed my first unit.

Without further ado a regiment of Mantic Skeleton Revenants. Or in Warhammer Fantasy terms a unit of 20 Grave Guard with swords and shields. I would have liked the two handed sword version of the grave guard just can't afford them when so much is waiting in the lead and plastic mountain.

Plus I have added a little more paint to the necromancer and he will be on the table shortly too.
Some times it is the older characterful models that really grab my attention. This one is pretty old by my recollection but will still make a fine spell caster for any game system. It might even make it as an adversary in a role playing game that happens from time to time.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Up and running at last

As the title suggests my attempt at Duelling Gamers is underway. Though I will continue to finish 500 points of 40K with my son I really want to build a WFB army, in my case a Vampire Counts army. I have $200.00 to spend this month and to be honest I am not going to spend it on GW Vampire Counts, not because of any issue with GW minis but because I plan on using the miniatures from Mantic. I already have the minis just have to paint them.

GW necromancer and Mantic Revenants (grave guard)

First up is an old necromancer from GW picked up second hand for around $3.00 and a unit of 20 Revenants from Mantic that will be VC Grave Guard? I think. So in terms of GW Australia costs that's..... $22.00 and $138.00 a grand total of $160.00 hmmm Mantic's Revenants set me back around $25.00 so in my books that is $28.00 yes I am happy. (More importantly so is my wife). So I have $50.00 to spend. I might see how fast I can get these done and add the cash to next months total.