Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Duelling gamers what have we completed.

The joy of holidays is in the ability to finish jobs previously started. Like fixing stairs painting the walls and so on but no not me, paint yes but on tiny small lumps of tin and lead or plastic, (delete as required). Though my competitors have better painted miniatures (by a long shot) I have, as of today, completed my first unit.

Without further ado a regiment of Mantic Skeleton Revenants. Or in Warhammer Fantasy terms a unit of 20 Grave Guard with swords and shields. I would have liked the two handed sword version of the grave guard just can't afford them when so much is waiting in the lead and plastic mountain.

Plus I have added a little more paint to the necromancer and he will be on the table shortly too.
Some times it is the older characterful models that really grab my attention. This one is pretty old by my recollection but will still make a fine spell caster for any game system. It might even make it as an adversary in a role playing game that happens from time to time.


Puddingwrestler said...

20 completed eh? At last a worthy opponent.

Nick Chapman said...

Alas, you're putting the rest of us (especially me) to shame! Still, we've got two more weeks of April - plenty of time to catch up, right?

chris said...

I remember an old master saying something about quantity has a quality of its own! (Well I'll use it to get away with the less than Golden Demon style paint jobs. ;)

What more have I up my necromancer's sleeve?

Firelupus Sautner said...

Lovely work the purple really suits them, the necromancer is a nice figure . Well done it looks like you are in the lead.