Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Up and running at last

As the title suggests my attempt at Duelling Gamers is underway. Though I will continue to finish 500 points of 40K with my son I really want to build a WFB army, in my case a Vampire Counts army. I have $200.00 to spend this month and to be honest I am not going to spend it on GW Vampire Counts, not because of any issue with GW minis but because I plan on using the miniatures from Mantic. I already have the minis just have to paint them.

GW necromancer and Mantic Revenants (grave guard)

First up is an old necromancer from GW picked up second hand for around $3.00 and a unit of 20 Revenants from Mantic that will be VC Grave Guard? I think. So in terms of GW Australia costs that's..... $22.00 and $138.00 a grand total of $160.00 hmmm Mantic's Revenants set me back around $25.00 so in my books that is $28.00 yes I am happy. (More importantly so is my wife). So I have $50.00 to spend. I might see how fast I can get these done and add the cash to next months total.

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