Saturday, March 29, 2014

Reaper Bones and Wolf Guard

Well my son has painted and based his wolf Guard in terminator Armour. In the time he has taken to paint this one mini, I have painted 2 units of 40k miniatures and some 15mm. Yet is it Quantity has a Quality of its Own to quote a famous megalomaniac or is it really Quality vs Quantity. I have to admit that I prefer my sons miniature and there is no way I am ever going to win a painting competition.

On with the show.

Photo does not do justice to it.

No decals all hand painted.

I wonder if I can get him to do mine.......

The one at the back left is the new model.

Only 2 more to go for him, for the unit.
An item or two I have been working on.
Reaper Bones Civilians,
 mould lines are hard to remove without damage to the minis.

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