Friday, September 27, 2013

Sept 27 Quite Night on the Maruaders Front

Twas a quite night but still enough lads to sink 40 or so cans of soft drink. It is football finals season in Australia and well opponents are not turning up. Ho hum so it goes.......but as the less sporty of us prefer to chuck dice and move minis there is often an opponent at a lose end.
Malifaux with the minis I just painted.

MTG 10 + players

Imperial Guard and Eldar (clone troopers and jedi) vs Dark Angels

The Dark Angels won!

This is all that I had left at the end of my 2000 point game against a Tyranid Large Monster army.

This is what died including Belial the Chapter Master, but they won the game! I forgot to take pics of the Nids................sorry.

A new Crew for someone else

One of the nice things about painting is that occasionally you get to paint some really nice miniatures for other people. So this small crew for Malifaux was done for one of the lads at school. He kindly swapped some miniatures for me for the paint job. He liked them so much they were fielded on the table the very night I handed it to him.

Now for the pics

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Well I suggested that I could display some of my work in progress so here are a few of the things on the table at the moment.
15mm Old Gladiator minis (Now Black Hat) Bactrian Pike.

A and A late Romans that look better in the flesh, hope to use them in one of the Dux rules sets.

Dry Brush Terminator hmmmm

Mantic wraiths? I think nice minis actually.

3 X 4 Viking Hearthguard  that I am painting with my son.
Hopefully more to follow or even a pic or two of them completed, now that would be a nice change.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Friday the 13th

Great night at the club, I was starting to worry that only card games and roleplaying games were going to rule. Ye of little faith, plenty of games being played with toy soldiers and yes if you carefully you will see a female wargamer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually we have two! Both are good painters and play Warhammer 40K.

Lizards VS Orcs. Nice game got to get the lads painting though.


Mind you this orc carnosaur (wyvern) has been painted really nicely.


The magic the gathering lads.

Yep you see correctly…………………..a woman………again………… Sadly her Nids went down to the Space Wolves but then so do most of the armies in our club.


Star Wars clone troopers and Jedi as proxy Imperial Guard and Eldar. Now this is a great Idea as 1) they are prepainted miniatures and 2) they are prepainted miniatures hehehehe. At last we see another fully painted army on the table. Oh the Chaos won, surprise surprise.




Nice Vikings with big axes, now you can only use the Dane axes in the Anglo Dane army and not the Vikings but it still looks cool.

Kings of War, Elf force vs a Man force, not sure who won I think Elvish types this time.


The final blow on turn 3 in Saga, the Viking warlord goes down to a unit of Anglo Dane warriors (Mine J) I carefully stoped the Berserkers from snotting me by getting them to not move.


The obligatory WOG game with a new player, hopefully he will return, the fact that he did not get shot down may help.