Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What's been on the paint table. Perry Naps and others.

As CanCon nears and my thoughts start turning to a few thousand like minded nutters and the lovely games on display, my paint brush has been hard at work finishing off a few odds and ends to take to sell in the second hand stall. I have done this for a while now and have had enough success that is pretty much pays for my family and I to visit Canberra for the 3 days. It also means that I can afford a few more shinnies to go on the shelf never to be painted, whoops sorry to be painted and gamed with throughout the coming year.

So just a few images of what has been on the desk in one form or another.
Perry Austrian Naps

Elite Miniatures Canon

More Perry goodness

Reaper Bones

More bones

Perry Brits awaiting Sharpes Practice 2?

Mithril Slave girls from the ealier LOTR range

Reaper metal thieves

No Idea but so nice as a zombie hunter

Shadowforge girl that makes 2 zombie hunters

Macedonian Companions

The General

Thessalian Cavalry

Light Horse

Pezetaroi pikemen

A whole Macedonian army missing the skirmishers built and based for Impetus or Basic Impetus or even Sword and Spear. These were painted by Brendan from Drunken Monkey Miniatures, find him on Facebook. But I did the basing and this took what was already wonderful miniatures and turned them into an army. One of the nicest I have owned, even though they are now for sale. Ho Hum

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Year Begins and I have joined the Challenge

Yes fellow friends of Moruya Marauders, I have madly decided to join The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. You can find it hear http://thepaintingchallenge.blogspot.com.au/
But to start the year I shall introduce what was finished off at the end of last year. I actually won the Warmachine boxed game 18 months ago and even though a fellow member of the club kindly glued them together I had not had the time or inclination to paint them. What with Chain of Command, Saga and Infinity and family and work and illness taking their respective turns. So on with the show.

Menoth Cinerators

Menoth Crusader

Khador Destroyer

Khador Juggernaut vs a Man size comparison



Menoth Repenter

Khador Shocktroopers


Menoth Vanquisher
So this was the boxed set and then of course I have succumbed to the lure of the new game (still have not played it) and I have picked up some new minis for it, these are also in the painting Challenge.

Winter Guard

Khador Manhunter

Menoth Redeemer

Menoth Revenger
So this puts me a whisker away from 35 points per side which by what I read is around the normal sized small game. Hmm CanCon second hand stall hear I come.