Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Year Begins and I have joined the Challenge

Yes fellow friends of Moruya Marauders, I have madly decided to join The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. You can find it hear http://thepaintingchallenge.blogspot.com.au/
But to start the year I shall introduce what was finished off at the end of last year. I actually won the Warmachine boxed game 18 months ago and even though a fellow member of the club kindly glued them together I had not had the time or inclination to paint them. What with Chain of Command, Saga and Infinity and family and work and illness taking their respective turns. So on with the show.

Menoth Cinerators

Menoth Crusader

Khador Destroyer

Khador Juggernaut vs a Man size comparison



Menoth Repenter

Khador Shocktroopers


Menoth Vanquisher
So this was the boxed set and then of course I have succumbed to the lure of the new game (still have not played it) and I have picked up some new minis for it, these are also in the painting Challenge.

Winter Guard

Khador Manhunter

Menoth Redeemer

Menoth Revenger
So this puts me a whisker away from 35 points per side which by what I read is around the normal sized small game. Hmm CanCon second hand stall hear I come.


Paul O'G said...

Great start to the year and the Challenge!
Looking forward to seeing you at CanCon mate - see you at the Bloggers' Met-Up!

chris said...

See you there