Thursday, December 10, 2015

Last Games night for the year, sorry no pics.

Well the year comes to an end and the clubs final night for the year has come to pass. A larger game of X-wing battled out with 4 players.

Baz held his usual Wings of Glory WWI game with again 4 players and the Infinity game I held had 3 of us with 2 sides of 350 points.

My Nomads came out on top but it was a close run thing with the Ariadna on top of me in Turn 1. My flank was destroyed and 6 troops down but I made a come back and in the final seconds Pi-Well (you have to know the game to know who Pi-Well is) clambered up a building spent another token and captured the second out of 3 objectives.

The other highlight was the screams of mirth emanating from the little back room full of roleplayers. Around 6 of them hid out the back playing, no not Pathfinder but a fun little card game called Munchkin.

This fantastic game usually has you falling around in laughter within the first 15 minutes. Have a look online for reviews but take it from the young lads that it keeps you entertained for a good hour or so and you leave with a smile. Something that can not always be said about the odd miniatures games I have seen run over the years.

Pizza's supplied to keep us all topped up as is right for the last night of the year (for us).

I hope to talk again soon with some personal painting highlights.

This is a little image of a Battlegroup Barbarossa game I had earlier in the year. Sort of hope to have a few more next year but so few people play WWII around here.


Paul O'G said...

Have a great Christmas break and I'll look forward to seeing you at CanCon!

chris said...

Same Paul, have a safe trip home and enjoy your last little bit of time in the states.