Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mantic Catapult and an Old Necromancer

The Catapult is complete and my small Mantic miniatures army is slowly growing. I have painted and based around 600 points in Kings Of War terms and am happy with this outcome. As mentioned earlier I can't use this in WFB so is not counted in the Duelling Gamers paint progress. Still this is a nice miniature and looks impressive on the table just don't look to closely at the paint job.

No onto on of my spell casters. This is a really old GW skeleton, at least that is what was on the tag but he makes a really nice necromancer for either WFB or KOW. I wanted the grass tuft to look a little less vibrant than what is on the bases of the other unit, it is just that so many undead armies have the burnt dead grass look. I reason that the army marches through and as it does so it sucks the life out so if it is early enough the grass will still be greener. Well that is my take.
GW Skeleton......
I am keen to see a little more cleared from my paint table so next up BloodBowl Styled wicked elves and maybe some 15mm Sherman tanks. Werewolves will have to wait until next month. 

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