Saturday, May 3, 2014

15mm Russian WWII Ancient Germans and Clearing work of the paint desk

Clearing the Paint desk
DBA army 15mm Ancient Germans (Essex? minis) Completed April but I need 3 cavalry minis can anyone help??????

28mm Handgunners for .................?

15mm WWII Russians completed in early May for Battlegroup rules and Chain of Command

Close up of how I differentiate between the units

Close up II

Saga Knight WIP

28mm Ancient Germans I am trying to finish but started by a friend.
What about duelling paintbrushes you ask, well as I was almost going to jump the gun and paint up some werewolves, instead I decided to finish some stuff on the desk and in boxes that was waiting to be done. So coming up this May is 3 mantic werewolves used as crypt horrors in WFB and a unit of 20 zombies, again mantic minis as I have them in bags ready to go. Wish me luck. Costs in GW terms $79.00 + $55.00 so with my left over funds from April I think I am still $6.00 in front and have not gone over the budget. Sorry I just can't do the whole spread sheet thing like Owen but I can blog occasionally.

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