Sunday, May 25, 2014

Magic The Gathering Takes a back seat while RPGs capture the clubs attention

A small gathering of the hordes last Friday down at the club with Pathfinder and Saga Star Wars holding the majority of members attention.
A three way 40K game using rules from 2 editions ago, proving that you don't have to keep up to date with the latest incarnation and still have a fun evening. Cheaper too.

Space Wolf Scouts with Bows and Arrows??? Nice painting though.

Nids vs Marines vs Space Wolves, not sure who won but I did notice that the Wolves let the other two go for it first and thus was able to mop up at the end.

Another shot just because I like minis and the RPGs don't use as many.

Blood Bowl, Chaos Dwarf vs Gobblin/Skaven team.

Orcs Vs Dark Elves

Pathfinder with finger of doom pointing at the next victim of the whirlpool.

Smiles all round as something becomes untuck in the Star Wars RPG.
11 likely lads and lasses playing RPGs and 7 on miniature games. Like I said quiet night but fun never the less.


Firelupus Sautner said...

Chris, I like that your club has so many different games going on a 'quiet night', it is always good to see the different games systems being played.


chris said...

Thanks Lupus,

I think the best night was 30 odd people and 8 different games running. Not bad for a country town of 7000 people!

Jack Taylor said...

Yeah its pretty awesome it gives me something to do on Friday nights

chris said...

Glad you enjoy it Jack.