Friday, May 30, 2014

Duelling Gamers and the High Speed Zombies

Well the heading is a little misnomer in that there is no such thing in most of the games I play as a high speed zombie so why then have I called it thus?

I have way too many miniatures to paint and even though the Mantic Zombies are worthy of a better paint job I just can’t warrant the time. So below is a little tutorial for speed painted Zombies my way.

First a good thin coat or two of Army Painter Skeleton bone, good for um yep skeletons and zombies and ancient Greeks and anything else that needs a  nice pale beige colour.

Then I use the old games workshop washes, a green, a red, a blue and the ogren flesh wash.

Next is base coat the cloth, greys, tans, off yellow etc. Keep it neat but don’t take forever with this lot.
A thin brown ink style wash, army painter Vallejo etc. only on the cloth. This adds a small amount of depth but not over the gruesome flesh. Enough depth there already I hope.

Red eyes, the odd bit of protruding bone an off white colour and they are done.

Basing I enjoy as it sets the miniatures in a scene, yet this is still a high speed example.
PVA glue (white glue or Elmer’s if anyone overseas reads this) covered in local beach sand and don’t worry about the extra height, none of this basing gunk to bring the feet down to earth for me so sir.

Once dry I use a proper brown artist ink and wash it over the sand. This soaks in and adds a depth of its own. Then mix a nice dry brush colour out of off white or beige colours and heavy headedly apply trying to keep it off the feet and legs. Flock is in keeping with other units and so PVA with a blob of green flock. Tap it all off.

1 Unit of 20 split into 2 X 10 so that I can add them to other units of 20 Zombies already painted beforehand. So I can field a unit of 60 for KOW or WFB or any combination thereof.
If anyone wants further details of specific paint colours just ask.
Thanks for looking and oh May Quota now complete yay.

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