Monday, June 9, 2014

A tale of Duelling Gamers The Black Coach

Well June is well underway and I have completed my Vampire Counts addition to A Tale of Duelling Gamers for the month. I did sort of cheat in the sense that the miniature was a decidedly damaged and unused freebie I was given along with some skeletons I bought too long ago. The Black Coach sat around and collected dust and even the glue holding bits together fell apart but I needed a larger centre piece for the army and without funds for a Terror Geist or Zombie Dragon it will now hold centre stage in the growing force. Reading the stuff on the web about them it seems they are not much chop anymore but then I really could care less as it is now complete and my lads like the look of it.
Without further ado The Black Coach
The Damaged Coach, one too many fights with the Bretonnians

Glued and some new paint as highlights new wheel colour and the driver gets a second life, keeping the old scheme was important as it was pretty neat and tidy.

In all its finery, The Black Coach lives again! Pun intended.
Other Work complete.

28mm Brit HMG, Bolt Action Commando minis with normal British heads, sadly the shop I picked it up from at cancon only had the commando version and I couldn't wait, can anyone?

Norman Knights for Saga

Norman Spear for Saga

Teddy for Malifaux.
This is the first actual Malifaux miniature I have painted for myself and with 3 more different minis for others on the desk this sort of tells you why.

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