Thursday, July 3, 2014

I know it is July but this is from June.

A couple of images of commission work first up and then some club night games from June. Not much to say really as it has been a pretty ordinary month. Lets hope July is better. At least there is WinterCon to look forward to.
I was happy with the Verdi Gris effect

Different Angle

Nice Model but needs to be in the air I feel.

I think this is called an Executioner, Malifaux mins are rather nice to paint.

White Irish vs the Brettons In Saga

I tried the Normans vs the Anglo Danes and well gosh you get some Fatigue racked up against you.

Final Result guess who's Normans failed?
A return of a long lost member with his Space Marines only to be whooped by the Nids of Doom

Late in the Month we had another meet but I forgot to take photos worthy of display. Blood Bowl was fought along with this nice game of Scots Vs Vikings with a very close victory to the Vikings. The Scots were purchased less than a month ago and the 4 points are on the table with a solid paint job. Now that is quick in my books.
As noted above WinterCon in Canberra is almost upon us and I am really looking forward to a couple of participation games. If you are not sure of Where it is held just Google Wintercon 2014 Canberra and all the details will be forthcoming.

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