Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sad loss, a great friend and Club member.

Sadly around a week ago our club lost one of our great members. Intriguingly if this is read by others outside of Australia the name may be recognised due to his premier painting skills and ability to knock out entire armies at a very high standard in excellent time.

Colin Jones, Col for short, passed away after a long battle with cancer and other issues and is dearly missed by his wife and family. He will be sorely missed by all at our club too. Col had not been attending for around 2 years due to ill health but had still helped out with painting advice and the odd game at his house. Though not much of a naval gamer I had the chance to sink his Bismarck in a War at Sea game around 3 months ago. In actual fact his sunk most of my ships but hey it sounds better this way.

Col was ex Royal Navy serving on HMS Eagle I believe and then he joined the RAN. After serving as a naval police officer he joined the department of foreign affairs and worked in Thailand, Russia and China all the while indulging his passion for miniature wargaming and painting. He is remembered in Australia for turning up to a model painting competition in Perth Western Australia and winning 11 out of 12 of the events! Warhammer Fantasy as played in Australia has been privileged to see his work appear in 30 armies out of 120 at a competition held in Canberra only 5 or so years ago and his worked appeared in White Dwarf on occasion as well. He helped hundreds of kids (young and old) indulge their passion for miniatures and was a true gentleman and inspiration to all. Judging painting competitions instead of entering them just so he would give us all a chance.

You will be missed Col, thanks mate.

Col on the left of the pic.

Next time a little comment about WinterCon at Canberra. Or how to shake the cobwebs from the brain.

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