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WinterCon 2014 Canberra

WinterCon 2014


WinterCon is the Canberra Games Societies little brother miniature wargaming convention. There is only one hall in use not 2 and a half; there are only a few purveyors of fine wares for the miniature gamer or equivalent. Yet there is still plenty to offer the gamer, miniature painter, or even Cosplay participant. Two nice additions this year were a painting clinic by Meg Maples from the USA, what a great idea. Pity I did not have the two days might have taken up this opportunity. The other was some nice Cosplay people and a Steampunk stall selling or at least displaying some very nice clothing and accoutrements for those so inclined.


A quick stroll around on the Saturday left me wanting a game. There was a  Warmachine/Hordes event (what is it with these guys, 2-3 have the most beautifully painted minis and then it is hard to spot so much as a lick of paint on the rest of the 40 or so participants) they also had a learn how to play set up which was very clever.

Flames of War had their own mini campaign based on the invasion of Normandy, this looked really good and I love how they theme the campaign each year. 40K had the usual lot and possibly a kill team version too?

Impetus in 28mm what nice bases. Hmmm another project I want to start. Bolt action was there with some nice 28mm WWII. Is it just me but should there be artillery on the table in 28mm games?? Maybe they are objectives. X-Wing was being played as a competition; first I have seen that in Australia.

But the real eye opener for me was Dead Man’s Hand in 28mm on some very very nice tables. Cowboys just does not do it for me but after seeing the tables and minis……….oh no…….

 I spent a little at a couple of stalls and well ended up playing in the demo game of Infinity against my son who promptly whooped my proverbial. This game has fascinated me for a while and well I got home and on the Sunday gave both my lads a game. Yep gonna give this one a go at last. The other highlight was a brilliant Pegasus Bridge game using 28mm British Paras against a mixed bag of SS PZ Grenadier Veterans and some everyday Heer and lesser troops. The rules were Chain of Command, another rules set that has caught my eye.

Well enough of the chat on with the show.

Pegasus Bridge Chain of Command in 28mm

Infinity display board, this was used later in the day.

The 2X3 board my son and I fought over with a choice of teams in the back ground. The gentleman that ran it was Nim from Canberra and very good he was too.

 Thanks Nim.

Gendarmes for a late Medieval/Early Renaissance Impetus Competition, mind you I could have sworn I saw Carthaginians on a table too.

40K Imperial knights, I still play 40K and WFB and love looking over the fantastic painting done by participants.

Dead Man's Hand only one of may fine tables. Tempted........
A burning PZIV after being hit by a PIAT from a window the night before, in the game. The poor chap with the PIAT was in the middle floor looking through the middle window and shortly after I arrived just about every thing German that could shoot at him did so. Note the smoke and fire marker, with glowing LED inside....coooool.

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