Saturday, May 10, 2014

Duelling Gamers May "The werewolves" ooowwwwwww

I was in a little rush to get some stuff done at the end of April but was gently reminded to keep the pace steady. So I slipped into doing some other miniatures and clearing the desktop so as to paint the upcoming Zombies. Well it is now time to show off the May Werewolves.

You have seen these before, black undercoat over the hard resin like Mantic Plastic.

The complete unit of Mantic Werewolves, in this case used as Crypt Horrors for a Vampire Counts army.

Werewolf Number One, there is a small issue with the plastic that these nasty beasties are made from in that it is actually a little bit brittle. I broke the hand off with a drop from about 1.5m. doh.

Number 2 love the animation of these miniatures.

Number three. It is a little hard to tell but there is 5 + coats of various greys and blue greys with a little highlighting. Got to sort out my photography skill and get a cheapppppppp light box.

The Mantic Zombies. For those of you in the know there are a couple of Mantic Ghouls in here to as I want to do some very minor kit bashing. I actually really love the zombies as they are probably the best of the older mantic undead with, I know it is hard to believe but, a lot of animation. Or should that be re-animation.
Some of the May desk clearing again. 1/100 scale Zvezda  Panzer 38Ts I really like these little models and they make great editions to my new Battlegroup Barbarossa rules. I just need to find some red number decals....any thoughts out there please, as I need a few? 

This was the piece that inspired my above purchase. Second hand fully painted from CanCon around $5.00 from memory. I think it is a GaModels resin piece but I am not sure. I also picked up a 35T as well but it is not much chop really but I will use this one.
Well club update is a non-event this early as I completely forgot to take photos which is a pity as there where 2 large roleplaying games happening, Pathfinder and Saga StarWars. Plenty of Magic The Gathering gamers, 2 games of Bloodbowl and a 40K marine vs marine slugfest. Sorry lads that your pictures are not immortalised this month. I'll try later.


Firelupus Sautner said...

Chris your wolves look great, also love the german tanks.

chris said...

Thanks Lupus, I really like the quality for price of Mantic and the Zvezda tanks are just too good on the value front to pass up on. It means that I can filed all those early war forces that I just could not afford.